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Hello everyone im new to this site and loving the wealth of information (y). Im just curious as to how many mitochondrial haplogroup W people have alopecia? Ive been dealing with this for about two and a half years now due to my immune system (many tests done) and stress (mom passed away 3 years ago). Breast Cancer and Asthma are very pronounced in my family and i know that it is the same gene that causes alopecia, but so far Im the only one that has this condition.....
just wondering if any one else has the same luck i do
I had alopecia ariata in my thirties. Alopecia is autoimmune disease, same as Asthma or Rheumatoid Arthritis that I had. Try loading up on vitamin D3, it regulates immune system, and helped me a lot. Don't have Alopecia and Arthritis anymore thanks to D3 supplement. 2 000 IU in summer, 4 000 in winter)
I don't know what's my mt haplo though, and there was no breast cancer on my mothers side, though she has many sisters, they are 70+ now.

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