J2b1-M205 introduced to Eupedia

Not really, if you can do BigY and upload results to Yfull is the best. That would be awesome
Would be useful to take 37markers on ftdna?
Would be useful to take 37markers on ftdna?
It would be interesting to see do you get any relatives on 37 markers, and are you Balkan cluster or some isolated line which is more likely. You can find out this on 37 markers. Also you can then join Italian project on FTDNA and try to find out more. So its always nice to do 37 markers if you haven't before.
Dema mine dna test on anesctery dna came today turns out I'm 85 percent balkan 11 percent eastern European and 4 percent Baltic in my opinion the Baltic and eastern Europe comes from grandmothers side she has Hungarian and Slovenian origins she is croatian
Yes these autosomal tests have changed how they display results. Balkan category is mixed slavic + albanian + greek.
You wont be able to tell apart East from Southeast genetics. Try to upload your results to Gedmatch and find more that way.
Also autosomal changes with each generation so really it wont tell us a lot. But if i remember correctly most of J2-M205 Serbs had like 60% southeast genetics and 40 % East, meaning they were closer to Albanians then to Slavs. But testing companies mixed it all into one category now so its not easy to see difference.

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