J2A2 in Europe


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Y-DNA haplogroup
I-Y3848 aka S17250
mtDNA haplogroup
Hello everyone, I got my mtDNA results and my mt haplogroup is J2A2. I read that this kind of mt haplogroup is rare in Europe and strictly connected with women from Middle East and North Africa.

So, I want to start conversation about this mt haplogroup and my question is:
a) How mt J2A2 get to Europe?
b) Does anyone got informaton about main migration from Middle East to Europe/other part od world?
c) Could we connect J2A2 with Jewish diaspora?

- and last but not the least: Does anyone know about famous individuals with this mt haplogroup?
Hello Wasgor, I have searched all of my match lists, 23andme, ftdna, gedmatch for another J2a2 and so far I have found none. I did find one on my husband's 23andme matchlist, infact the girl is his 2nd cousin but they are not related on her maternal line and I share nothing with her. My point is that i believe this to be somewhat rare, as far as American DNA testing databases are concerned.

I have traced my maternal line back to the mid 1700s, the town is called Graach an der Mosel today... I think. I'm American and we had a tendency to combine incorrect place names in ancestral records so just trying to make sense of this "Katholisch, Graach, Vulkaneifel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany".

I do not know the history of the J2a2 diaspora but I'd love to hear the theories from those researchers who are objective and do not care personally about the origin or diaspora. Not easy to find such researchers, the truth is, everything is personal.
I am J2a2 from Uzbekistan , you can find j2a2 people at y full . It is mostly East Mediterranean but spread also in Arabic countries, in turkic people , all over Europe, inuding Russia. Nice to meet you brother

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