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I'm an Anatolian Greek American, and I recently took a DNA test from 23andme and got the result J-CTS5368. I've researched this haplogroup, and I can't seem to find a good explanation for why I should have J1 when my family is from Northwestern coastal Anatolia. It seems to have originated in the Caucasus and is most prevalent in Southern Mesopotamia and the Arabian Peninsula, so what's a good explanation for how it ended up here?
J1 basal clades were born in Eastern Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Northern Iran, you should test to find your branch. Northern J1 invaded the Steppe, Levant and Arabia in the past as we can find different J1 branches with completely different ethnicities, religions and languages in West Asia, Africa and Europe. Northwestern coastal Anatolia is close to J1 Mesolithic Cradle.
most likely, this haplogroup belongs to the North Caucasus, and its spread is associated with the spread of steppe European pastoralists, such as yamnaya culture, because wsh got to the Balkans and Greece in particular directly and not through such cultures as cwc
This was as specific as 23andme was about my branch, I'm not sure where to discover more about it. I thought J1 was native to the middle east for something like the last 20,000 years, in which case the Yamnaya culture doesn't make a whole lot of sense as the progenitor of this. I would also be curious as to what distinguishes J1 from J2, and why most people from this part of the world have J2 as opposed to J1. I'm trying to see if I can link my haplogroup to some kind of known ancient population.
Это было так же конкретно, как и 23andme о моей ветке, я не уверен, где узнать об этом больше. Я думал, что J1 был родным для Ближнего Востока где-то последние 20 000 лет, и в этом случае ямная культура не имеет особого смысла как прародительница этого. Мне также было бы любопытно, что отличает J1 от J2 и почему у большинства людей в этой части мира есть J2, а не J1. Я пытаюсь понять, смогу ли я связать свою гаплогруппу с какой-нибудь известной древней популяцией.
я I just i just don't I'm just noI'm just sure that your haplogroup has something to do with Semitic j1e or the Middle East. Most likely, this haplogroup existed in the North Caucasus, and took part in the ethnogenesis of the Yamnaya culture

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