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For example : Preview before Posting , Quick Reply or Delete etc…. be more flexible
why 10 posts for a link it should be 1,2, or 3 at max .

thanks :grin:
my 2 cents in this thread would be with better optimization there would be better search engines indexing, what eventually will made this forum more attractive ... recently I have used the elkarte platform for local forum, and I was impressed how good google searchability evoked ... tho its evolving platform but at least its free and fast ...

anyway what I would really like in this eForum is an historical board in which except general subforum there would be continental ones too > potentially in them with additional timeline subforums ... I know this last suggestion would be for someone messy with more is less attitude, but oppositely in my opinion when things are archived neatly then the ride is more joyful in the closet full of knowledge surprises ... maybe this could be surrounded differently if in the continental or regional subforums there is option at least in the Thread Names as Icons to be noted the periodisation, and even more useful if there would be option to list the threads by push of a button as period or theme similarity, for sure that will ease the navigation to bigger extend and thus will make this forum more attractive for any researcher ...

finally maybe mandatory email notification for any member that have started a Thread, in which case if later someone responded to his dilemma or essay he would be invited again to the discussion even do he/she is no more active participant in this eForum ...
When I sat on this forum for a long time, I still studied at school, unfortunately I don’t remember exactly the login and forgot the password from the old account now I’m a student of the Faculty of History and Anthropology I think I’ll take a lot of information from this forum, since at one time I took various useful information from here
I recently signed up to this forum and was surprised that there is no information provided on the restrictions for new accounts. Surely in the sign up email it should say things like how long one has to wait and how many posts one needs to make before they can post links, etc.

Regarding those rules, I also think 20 posts is too much for link posting. Like, what is 20 going to stop than 10 won't? Just encourages people to post more low quality posts to reach the threshold. I can't even view images on existing posts. Don't see the point of that.

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