Iberian Yamnaya FEMALES were U5


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I was revisiting Iñigo Olalde's paper "The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years" and I found the likely candidates for the women, the few of them, that came along with the R1b Yamnaya men.

There are 14 samples classified as Iberia Chalcolithic (CA) Steppe. I further divided them into 2 groups.

1) 7 individuals that have over 70% European (German) Bell Beaker ancestry.
I6471(100% Yamnaya) and EHU001(90%). Both U5 haplogroup, which is very telling, particularly the unmixed one.
The rest all have 70-77% Yamnaya. 4/5 are U5, namely I3239 I3243 6588 I6623. Only I0462 isn't.

2) Then, is a 2nd group of 7 samples with local haplogroups. 2 with a little over 60% Beaker ancestry, 4 around 50%, and an outlier with 30% Bell Beaker.
Bear in mind that around 1/2 Iberian CA ancestry is when the local women are extensively represented in the gene pool.
These samples are EHU002 I3238, I0461 I6472 I6539 I5665 and I3484 respectively.

6/7 is too much coincidence, haplogroup U5 formed part of the high caste of Yamnaya people, something which makes total sense, since U5 is the mtDNA you find in the Steppe before the migration of EEF women (in reality in all of Europe, both West and East).
And 10/25 of England_CA_EBA also were U.
All U5 but 1 U2.
Not Beaker Britain, but England_CA_EBA.

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