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First and only I3 sofar. Any others pls share I3 specific info and links.

From this site:
"Haplogroup I was also found in Scythian remains in Siberia (I4 subclade) and in southern Russia (I3 subclade)."
"I3 is found mostly in countries with high percentages of R1b in northwestern Europe, and its presence in the Unetice culture and among ancient Scythians confirm an Indo-European origin"

The only thing 23andme added was I3 forked about 8.5k ybp.
Another I3 here!

We're a rarity, for sure. The best estimate I could find suggests I3 and all its subclades account for about 0.04% of the world's population.

Which would probably explain the utter lack of information.

That being said, I'm adopted and my birth mother was adopted and so finding out your maternal lineage is a >10,000-year-long mystery is kind of frustrating.

I did recently come across a research paper highlighting the earliest-known I3 individual, discovered in a Mesolithic site in Sardinia. So, that's pretty cool and throws a lot of questions into the general, "Haplogroup I just followed Neolithic Indo-European expansion" narrative.
My girlfriend is I3. Her line is from Ireland. I think its unique to the British Isles.

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I am I3 too. My last known direct maternal ancestor was Charlotte Taylor, who shows up on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick about 1775. She said she was English and everything we know about her points that way.
Another I3 here, my maternal Great, Great Grandmother migrated from Ireland to Australia around the 1850's.

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