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mtDNA haplogroup
Hi, anybody knows about haplogroup HV0a, from where I can find more information? I got results of my DNA-test few weeks ago and don´t have many matches. I appreciate any information which helps me go on.
This haplogroup is quite old considering it comes from the HV branch, wich is the one where haplogroups H and V emerged after a long time. You can check here the haplogroup timeline: http://www.eupedia.com/europe/european_haplogroups_timeline.shtml

I think your clade it's found primarily in the Near East and Europe, and probably appears in Asia at lower frequencies due to the antiquity.
I have two HV relative finder matches at 23andme, one them is HV0, quite similar to yours. This match is of Iberian descent like I am.
I am also HV0a after a NatGeno test. I was updated once to V but now back to HV0a. I had my brother and paternal Uncle tested and they are Rz319. I have done a lot of searching and reading but most information out there required a prior education I don't have. I have learned a lot but at 75 could use some help. HV0a seems to be fairly uncommon. I understand if correct the the 0 indicates plain HV which is earlier than HV1, I think. The "a" at the end I have found no explanation for. Any help appreciated.

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