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I just received my DNA results from 23andme.com. I belong to halpogroup W1. What does this mean? I don't fully understand all of my results.
A very rare genetic mtdna group put it that way.

Haplogroup W appears in Europe, West and South Asia. It is everywhere found as minority clade, with the highest concentration being in Northern Pakistan. A related unnamed N* clade is found among Aboriginal Australians. Found in the Svan population of the Caucasus (Georgia) W* 8,3%. Quintana-Murci et al. 2004, analyzed the mtDNA of Kurds from Iran and found 10.0% W.
Excellent sample of text from Maciamo, the server moderator:

Here is the map of mt-haplogroup W, a lineage with strongly connected to Balto-Slavic people. The maximum frequencies of W are observed in Finland (9.6%), Hungary (5.2%), Latvia (4.1%), Macedonia (4%) and Belarus (3.7%, but over 5% if we exclude the south). The Finns and the Hungarians are both speakers of an Uralic language, which would imply an Uralic connection with haplogroup W. However other Uralic people have much less and often no W at all. For example the Saami have only 1% and the Udmurts 0%.

within the confines of Europe, it oddly seems to be present at a 10% maximum in women from Finland and 5% from Hungary. Then 10% of Iranian Kurdish and north Pakistani women have it as well; probably of a different sub-type though, very odd distribution so I cannot personally find the exact source or origin of this mtdna group; found at very low % all across the board in apparently very different socio-cultural regions; more research needs to be done on mtdna W in general.
So the oldest forms of W (W*) seems to be found in 8.3% of Svan Georgian women and an even older form (N*) is found in Australian aborigines; I suspect the youngest forms are those find in Europe, of which we see a 10% maximum in Finnish women oddly, can anyone help or correct me if I'm wrong?
Thank you. I still have a lot of work to do to trace my family tree. Belonging to this rare group doesn't help much. I am more than likely Finnish. I don't understand the spread of this group, though.
From what I see, W descends from mtdna N, which is estimated to have originated somewhere in the levant region of the Middle East. W seems to have migrated from there towards the Caucasus region (Georgia) before traveling north through western Russia towards it's final arrival point; extreme northwestern Russia/Finland. (Near to the region I am mentioning are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Mtdna I seems to have a similar/hand-in-hand distribution with W, having been much more commonly found in ancient Viking graves (15% mtdna I).
I was told my DNA matches people from Ireland, Germany, Finland, and Lithuania. I showed 26% Irish and 67% non-specific northern European and 7% unknown. I wonder why 23andme couldn't identify the 67% and the 7%.
Well there's your answer right there; you have direct matches with Finnish, Lithuanian and a German and Irish woman; you are a whopping 67% non-identified north European; to me you represent a small 10% substratum of extreme northeastern European women. Maciamo hit the map right on. You are a rare north European substratum (northeast) by northeast Europe I mean the westernmost portion of Russia bordering Finland basically, no further east than that.
There is actually a map of mtdna W within this very folder in a similar thread entitled map of mtdna W.
There is actually a map of mtdna W within this very folder in a similar thread entitled map of mtdna W. According to the map there are highs of 10% in the Finland,Latvia,Lithuania, northwestern Russia, northern Belarus, I guess southern Poland, Hungary a tiny portion of Romania and a few other places I guess. The heaviest weight is on south-central Finland and nearby countries in particular. Then there's a smaller presence in east-Central Europe just north of the Balkans.
Thank you so much. This makes me wonder about the stories I was told as a child about being a descendant of gypsies.
Please stop thanking me (appreciated though..) as my research on this branch will be updated possibly frequently as all other hg's; no you do not descend from the gypsies, no. Gypsies came from India.
"Members of mtdna W also descended from haplogroup N and migrated into Europe via the Middle East. Like mtdna I descendants, W members who live in the Middle East have older and more divergent lineages than those found in Northern Europe, indicating a longer habitation in the near east for those lineages to accumulate more mutations. Early members of haplogroup W likely moved north across the Caucasus during the middle Upper Paleolithic. Just like mtdna I, the Aurignacian culture is associated with W members."
This leads me to believe that mtdna W is actually rare because it is an old European genetic marker which is associated with Aurignacian culture, in Europe today, there is still a 10% high of mtdna W in southern Finland.
Thank you so much. This makes me wonder about the stories I was told as a child about being a descendant of gypsies.
I am W1 as Well and my Mothers people are Scots-Irish and my mom also talked about Gypsy as well, but that may be folk lore. My last W1 in my mom's tree is Lydia Campbell 1760's Tennessee, you email me at [email protected] if you like
I have been fascinated with the distribution of my W1 ancestry. So many questions swirl. My grandmother on my mom's side was apparently Czech or maybe Polish. In short, my mother's family is likely Volga German, and immigrated to the US around the time of the Great Depression, but I can go no further with family interviews as they passed when I was very young and my mother doesn't have much to say on them.

I have gotten family-relation hits in Germany, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Lebanon, Indonesia, Egypt, and Russia.

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