Do you have early gray hair ?

Do you have gray hair around the age of 30 ?

  • I didn't have gray hair at the age of 30.

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  • My hair turned gray early. I have parents/grandparents who early turned gray.

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • I turned gray early. Have not parents/grandparents who early turned gray.

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Stress certainly has its role. I am 52 years old and my hair is almost completely gray. This started at age 25 ... at the beginning of that year my hair was completely dark, but at the end of it I had a lot of white hair on the front ... I think that many problems that happened in my family had their incidence ....

I agree with father was never stressed and did not start to get grey until in his mid fifties.....i at 45 and my youbger son at 33 , while older son has no greys......younger son is the one with children,
I have very few gray hair and I am 66. My father is 97 and he's not totally white. My wife has been gray since her thirties and so did her father. Neither lost their hair at all. My brother in law is graying in a natural progression. I have a lot of grey/white in my beard since I had a lot of red in it before.
The principal of my kids elementary school was the most beautiful and classy older woman I ever met. Steel gray, thick and strong hair paired with flawless skin and piercing blue eyes. Very classy and dignified she had the bearing of a patrician. But she also knew the first and last names of not just all the kids in the school and their parents when they dropped off their kids at school. She wore her gray and later on white hair as if it was natural, as if she was born with it. I could not imagine her without gray hair.
The first time I noticed white hairs on my head was at the age of 17. The proportion of white hairs became evident after the age of 24, and after 33-35 the proportion of white hair became prevalent. Slower, but the same thing happened with facial hair.

My father went through these phases at similar ages, already having gray hair after the age of 30. Grandma from the father side went through the same early stages of hair whitening.

Searching the forum I did not find any discussions about the possible genetic inheritance of the gray hair that appeared at a young age.
I did this poll for that. So, your hair turned gray early and you have parents / grandparents who early turned to gray hair? Premature graying is a common concern, affecting individuals of all ages. Factors like genetics, stress, and lifestyle contribute to this phenomenon. While embracing natural aging is empowering, some explore remedies like collagen and biotin supplements to promote hair health. Collagen supports the structure of hair follicles, while biotin aids in keratin production. Incorporating these supplements into a balanced lifestyle may offer benefits. However, consulting a healthcare professional is crucial. Explore the potential advantages of collagen and biotin with quality products available. Always prioritize holistic well-being on your journey to vibrant, healthy hair.

yes, graying started early in my family, so I started to notice it quite early too.
I've noticed gray hairs in my late 20s. Oddly, my hair hasn't grayed much ever since. But half of my beard is gray. If my hair looked like that, I'd be sporting the Pepé le Pew look. Nothing wrong with going gray at a relatively young age. Think of it as acquiring the daddy look. Them lassies love it!
No, my girlfriend once thought i had one in the front but it was just a atypicaly blond one.
People in the more mixed side (with SSA) of my family take long to get gray and theyr hair hardly gets completely white. The more caucasoid side of the family starts whitening at around 44. At around 70 years old the heads of hairare totaly white.

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