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Dear DNA test-takers,

My name is Maria and I am a Master's student in the Netherlands. The course I'm doing is called Intercultural Communication in which I study diversity and all aspects involved. I'm currently in the process of writing a thesis about the effects of DNA- testing on the test-takers' sense of ethnic identity. For this I am looking for people who are willing to do an interview over Skype, Talky or over PMs. You will be completely anonymous and the interview data will only be used for educational purposes. I am looking for participants who received DNA results with some rather unexpected results, such as a high percentage of an ethnicity you were unaware of having; a low percentage of the ethnicity you thought would be high; or (an) ethnicitity/ies you have which you hadn't expected at all. If you wish, I can send you my paper after completion.
Please know that with "interview" I mean that it will be more like a pleasant chat. I will not ask you questions about your family situation as this is not relevant for this study. I only want to discuss your own sense of your ethnic identity before and after the test.

Please let me know if your interested by replying to this post or send me a PM :) Your help will be greatly appreciated!
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Don't have Skype but be willing over PM to have an interview.

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