Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.

Some important findings.
How the body reacts to images and ideas is critical. There is the involvment of mirror neurons in the brain to stimulate some part of the body, but this is not enough to fool the body. So to get past this toxic people use or create issues that the person may have to get emotional reactivity, especially in some relevant part of the body, which they are looking to target.

So mentally presented images and ideas, through a closely related party, will cause the person to have activity in that part of the body, but if there is also emotional reactivity then there is already high activity that area, more than would arise from mirror neurons. When this happens the person's perceptions and their bodily responses move to some action.

This is a huge subject but to try and give some example here. If there are issues of loss that causes sadness then there is reactivity in the lungs so the lungs can become a target. If a person smokes then that too can be used because smoking causes damage to delicate lung tissues (but not to DNA!).

If the loss is serious then grief and that may create acivity in the bowel.

And I found ideas, which are often cunningly presented, were also used. For example I kept seeing the same woman with two very young children as if walking them home from school walking up my street whenever I was returning home from running my errands. It didn't matter if it was morning, noon or afternoon, the same scene. And there was an idea of "where did they come from". I realized that the meaning attributed to this idea was not simply "from which street did they come from" but associated with an almost subliminal image of a child being born so the "where did that come from" had the meaning of womb. And more than that as "come from" or created out of ova (and sperm). It is possible that a similar means may be used to target the prostate gland in men.

Then I remembered that in the first instance, in 1993, a similar method was used. I used to hear a baby cry often in the night time and there too there were ideas like "there seems to be a problem where that is coming from". Here again the meaning was not simply that there was a problem from where the crying could be heard but images of a problem from where a baby comes from. Again a meaning was being conveyed at an almost subliminal level that was pointing at the ovary.
Perhaps in all types of known cancers so many mutations were recognized. However these are not necessary in any one type. Basically it needs mutation(s) to ignore division restriction of telomerase, few more mutations to be invasive and malignant. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most cases of cancer are done by molecular damage to the genome, mutations or deletions and not just by switching genes off and on. I'm not saying that epigenetics is not involved in the process, but seems not to be a main culprit.

So in a nutshell:
cancer is about stem-cell mediated immunity erroneously ignited in the body owing to some perceptions and manufactured beliefs.

1. With the perception/belief of damage the body will mount an immune response, i.e., an inflammatory response. This is commonly seen with cancer.
If there is a realization that the idea is false or if some remedy is believed to be effective then the inflammatory response ceases and healing takes place.

My findings are substantiated by science.
In drug trials in the testing of chemotherapy drugs, patients in the CONTROL arm, who are given sugar pills or water, AND who believe they have been given the real drug will experience "side effects" such as losing their hear. Their hair however hasn't fallen out due to toxic drugs but because they believed there would be damage and their immune system moves to clear up the damage. But the inflammatory response causes damage so their hair falls out.

In the cessation of the inflammatory response..
There is evidence in Dr Morsely's experiments with knee damage from autoimmune inflammatory responses, eg arthritis. Patients who got a sham surgery but who believed they got the real surgery got well. Their arthritis in the knee or shoulder etc., disappeared. Here again belief is the critical factor. They believed that the surgeon clean up the damaged cartilage so there was no longer a need for an inflammatory response.
Perhaps in all types of known cancers so many mutations were recognized. However these are not necessary in any one type. Basically it needs mutation(s) to ignore division restriction of telomerase, few more mutations to be invasive and malignant. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most cases of cancer are done by molecular damage to the genome, mutations or deletions and not just by switching genes off and on. I'm not saying that epigenetics is not involved in the process, but seems not to be a main culprit.

My second findings
2. If there is the perception that the area of the body could be protected from damage then stem cells will modify their gene expressions so as to create a cell barrier or wall. Of course this means a mass of cells or tumour.

My findings DIFFER from the official medical opinion BUT the evidence supports my findings AND there are serious faults with the official story.

Cancer is huge variety of cells with 30,000 to 50,000 gene changes and hundreds, some say thousands of unique genetic signatures, which means hundreds or thousands of different cell types. Many are now describing a tumor as an extraordinary organ, with stromal cell support and the presence of many immune cell. It is not just a mass.

They claim cancer begins with one cell that is damaged or has some DNA copying errors and that normally the immune system destroys these cells. But with many immune cells in the organ? The claim is that they are masked from the immune system! But the things that happen, eg metastasis, can't happen without the immune system cells' help! eerrrr umm. They are mute when asked.

IMO they have labeled some genes to sell a story. Tumor suppressor genes are normal genes that slow down cell division, repair DNA mistakes, or tell cells when to die. But if you describe them as gene that protects a cell from a "one step on the way to cancer" and that when this gene mutates (mutates only means changes) to cause a loss or reduction in its function, then the cell can progress to cancer, ( ..well err umm with a combination of other genetic changes of course, of course) then you got a label that sells a story.

The same goes for the so-called proto-oncogenes and oncogenes, cancer genes! These again are normal genes that help cells grow. But if you describe them as genes, which if mutate or get over-expressed then they can convert a normal cell into a cancer cell and make it grow out of control, then they can sell their story.

Both of the above genes function according to their environment and circumstances.

Telomeres are at the end of chromosomes to protect the genes. These get used up after many cell divisions. There is an enzyme telomerase which restores the telomeres so that they never get used up, hence allow the cell perpetual growth.

Then there is angiogenesis, which is about getting new blood vessels to grow through the tumour for nourishment and to remove wastes.

All of this is supposed to arise out of damage or miscopying of genes, with a splash of evolution. Some they call driver genes and others they call passenger genes (passenger because they don't see what these genes do). And they call all this "uncontrolled cell proliferation, loss of apoptosis, tissue invasion and metastasis and angiogenesis" all pathogentic.. really!

Guess what all of these qualities, the rapid growth, the "breaks" not active, the telomerase action, the angiogenesis, the BFB cycles (deletions/amplifications of genes) are ALL seen in the embryo! They are all qualities of embryonic stem cells and many of them are seen in adult stem cells! Gene expression changes are also seen in rapid growth for tissue repair, regenerating a variety of cell types in the human by switching genes on and off (to replace worn out specialized cell types from progenetor cells). The enzyme telomerase is also found in adult stem cells. Oh but they are quite about all this.

This is scientific evidence carefully guarded in those peer-reviewed, prestigious scientific journals supports my findings.
Note: You might like to read up on the dynamic nature of the genome.
Dr McClintock discovered transposable elements, genes that change position among the chromosomes and won a Nobel Prize for her work. She worked with Maize. Her work however was interpreted in a way that did not bring out her later achievement, which was to show evidence that the genome is dynamic and highly responsive to external stimuli. I would say the cells are highly responsive and hence change the genome to suit their needs. This work was done during the 1960 and 1970s. This was a time when big investments were made by pharmceutical companies and of course the financiers that own them and the take over of universities and how medicine was studied and researched. So it is not surprising to see that there were economic reasons for how her work was interpreted.

Deletions and amplifications of chromosomal segments appear to serve to increase the mutability of the genome thereby accelerating the acquisition of changed genes. In cancer these are the oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Yes they can be seen when mice embryos or mice tissues are subjected to toxic substances but is it damage or are their cells moving to minimize harm from the toxic substances.

And yes there are mosaics created in the embryo genome that lead to genetic disorders but why do they arise?
I am currently in the process of making youtube videos to explain how to deliberately effect cancer remission. You can find the basic videos leading up to the cancer videos on the home page of my blog.

Basically it requires a new look, to realize the nature of the foul game play, to appreciate that the body has fantastic capabilities and that it is purpose-driven. Beliefs are of critical importance. Manufactured beliefs are dismantled once a person realizes the nature of the foul play. And an understanding of how our body can respond to ideas that we may uphold when we have that ah ha experience.

Cancer is fully reversible and I have used the occasions to rejuvenate and regenerate the organs and tissues which were under attack and which had developed cancer. I also found that one can accelerate the process of spontaneous remission and how to "stage-manage" one's biology, in the light of understanding, affirmations and directives to the Universe so that stem cells do not create cancer.
Do you believe in GPS, ubiquitoes on cellphone these days? This should point you in the right direction.
On one hand you have a working device in your hand pointing to existence of satellites and a globe, on other hand you have some guy on youtube telling unconfirmed hypothesis. Make your choice..

With GPS satellites there is no way of telling the difference between rotating round a globe or going round in a circle above a disc. However the geostationary orbits I can't explain using a disc model of the earth. This is evidence for a globe unless there is something I don't understand.

I am not prepared to simply make a choice. I need to see scientific evidence enough to convince me that it is either a globe or a disc.
Pay attention that Newton theory is still valid. It is valid because on slow moving earth and low gravity environment we can ignore relativity. Therefore you can calculate trajectories of objects on earth using Newton equation to extreme precision. What Einstein did is he expended Newtons equations for use in any place in Universe. If Newton was wrong we would stop using his equations, but we still use them. His theory and equation is still right, Einstein just expended them.

No. The maths is good. We can use Newton's equations because they work but the physics is wrong. Einstein turned everything upside down. Time is no longer constant, same for all observers but relative. So is space and space and time cannot be taken apart.
Can you make yourself young again?

Given the right knowledge and power even resurrection is possible. But of course who wants to live in this limited existence for very long. With spiritual growth there are realms that are pure bliss and which can be enjoyed forever.

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