1. PaterKeklos

    To what degree is it possible that G2a's are well adapted to high altitudes?

    So we know that Neolithic farmers, largely y-haplogroup G2a, occupied most of Europe before the PIE invasions. The current school of thought is that these G2a's were violently displaced and fled into the mountains where they took refuge. What if we were to approach this from a different angle...
  2. J

    On the Adriatic "wolf culture"

    Greetings from the United States! Hope everybody is doing well. I stumbled upon an old thread, Old Europe (Vinca) language and culture in early layers of Serbian and Irish language (Can't post links, too new). I understand that it was a controversial thread, and I'd like to note that it is not...
  3. Maciamo

    More Neolithic Y-DNA and mtDNA from Hungary, Germany and Spain (Lipson et al. 2017)

    It's been raining ancient DNA samples lately! 127 new ancient DNA samples, including 82 Y-DNA, from various Neolithic and Chalcolithic cultures in Europe. Parallel ancient genomic transects reveal complexpopulation history of early European farmers Abstract Ancient DNA studies have...