1. Maciamo

    What do the anti-vaxxers share in common?

    Vaccination is a topic that is as likely to divide people and families as politics and religion. It has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic, but the rift was already present long before in some countries. According to Our World in Data, 33% of French people don't believe that vaccines...
  2. Maciamo

    Calendar of new secular and scientific holidays

    Have you ever felt annoyed by the fact that national holidays in your country are often religious holidays? In many European countries Epiphany, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Assumption, All Saints' Day, Christmas and/or St Stephens' Day (aka Boxing Day in the UK) are...
  3. Maciamo

    Amazing short videos about science and other topics

    I have found a series of educational videos on YouTube sponsored by various organisations around the world, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Australian Academy of Science. It is called Kurzgesagt, which is German for 'shortly said', but better translated as 'in a...
  4. Petros Agapetos

    Philosophy Philosophy of Science and Skepticism

    Scientific Realism makes three kinds of claims: 1. Metaphysical - There is an external world that is mind-independent. 2. Semantic – ex. “Should scientific claims be construed literally?” 3. Epistemological – Scientific theories are approximately true “The positive argument for...
  5. Petros Agapetos

    Ethics How Science Can Answer Moral Questions

    Science can answer moral questions Sam Harris points out we show greater concern for the well-being of primates than rocks or ants. He suggests this is due to their greater capacity for happiness and suffering. He claims all moral systems are a concern for life capable of conscious experience...
  6. M

    Your opinion needed.

    For a school project I needed to make a presentation about a certain subject of Europe. I chose to do it about science in Europe, but for this presentation I had to ask people from other countries within europe to give their opinion. So here are some questions on which I ask your opinion. 1...
  7. LeBrok

    Do you think that smart society of the future (by Eugenics) will be more atheist?

    Assuming that scientists are the smartest of us all, their spirituality or rather lack of it, can point us to the character of future society. I'm almost certain that in future people will make kids in hospitals or labs by gene manipulation, rather than risking sick or mediocre child made...
  8. Maciamo

    Personality Individualism, Autism, scientific minds and North European cultures

    I stumbled on a list of typical traits of autistic people and I was quite surprised to see how many of them were also typically associated with individualistic cultures from Northern Europe (+ North America, Australia and New Zealand). Many traits are also typical of scientists and...
  9. edao

    New Particle!

    "When you look at the data it's not some disagreement with the Standard Model, it's a nicely formed bump in the distribution that looks really like the kind of bump you'd get if a new particle was being exchanged in this process," said Dan Hooper, a theoretical physicist at Fermilab who was...
  10. L

    Science Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang'.

    Source: (video inside)