1. Maciamo

    New AI System Identifies Personality Traits from Eye Movements

    Artificial intelligence keeps improving. Robots, computers and smartphones could now discern our personality with more accuracy than a human in a few minutes. This is great to personalise our interactions with machines, but when should we draw the line? Are we going to reach a point when AI will...
  2. Maciamo

    Restaurant using burger-making robot to open soon in San Francisco

    Check the article and video here: The Mission to Build the Ultimate Burger Bot The process doesn't seem to be much faster than human workers in a fast food chain, but they say that the quality is higher, more like that of a gourmet restaurant.
  3. Jovialis

    Biobots: Tissue-Based Robots

    This could help people with missing limbs, or people in need of certain organ replacements or repairs. There's lots of possibilities.
  4. W

    Companion Robot Owners

    I am looking to gather info on the impact of human- companion robot interactions. If anyone has a companion robot and would like to answer the following questions, it would be greatly appreciated! What type of companion robot do you have? How has having a companion robot impacted your life...
  5. LeBrok

    Robots are destroying cashflow in economy.

    Destruction of cashflow in society, its consequence and solutions. Introduction: The main function of money is to serve as product substitute to ease commercial transactions, also as storage of wealth, and reward for work, as salary. We don’t want to be paid in what we produce, in wheat...
  6. Maciamo

    Is the modern education system completely at odds with the future of society?

    You have all read it in the news. Most jobs will progressively disappear over the next 20 years. Actually most reports are greatly underestimating the exponential power of artificial intelligence and robotics and how fast they will suddenly replace practically any job if people will let them...
  7. Maciamo

    Could a machine or an AI ever feel human-like emotions ?

    Computers will soon be able to simulate the functioning of a human brain. In a near future, artificial superintelligence could become vastly more intellectually capable and versatile than humans. But could machines ever truly experience the whole range of human feelings and emotions, or are...
  8. Maciamo

    Is it possible to build a super AI without fully replicating the human brain ?

    Here is another of my articles on Life 2.0. Is it possible to build an artificial superintelligence without fully replicating the human brain ?
  9. Maciamo

    90% of jobs will be taken away by robots and computers by 2035 - what jobs are safe ?

    An amazing array of new technologies are set to change human civilisation as we know it. The continuous progress in artificial intelligence will enable computers to do the jobs of telemarketers, clerks, accountants, corporate lawyers, analysts, airline pilots, and countless other jobs. In fact...
  10. Maciamo

    The new technologies that will revolutionze our future very soon

    I am working on a new article summarising the incredible amount of technological innovation that the world is experiencing at the moment. I am reviewing advances in AI, robotics, bioengineering, genetics and 3-D printing. We are heading toward the singularity, the moment in history when...
  11. LeBrok

    Robot, anyone?! New technological revolution is near.

    Half a century ago, when first computers were created, people got very excited and envisioned year 2000 full of robots and flying cars. This is year 2011 cars are not flying, but they are comfy and fast, and we can take a plane for longer trips. No big deal here, but I really miss my robot...