1. Maciamo

    What are the three things that most strongly define your identity?

    I posted a thread on how Europeans viewed themselves and how much they identified with things such as one's family, gender, age group, nationality, region, level of education, occupation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political orientation, or religion. If you had to choose three things to...
  2. Maciamo

    Eurobarometer shows percentage of Europeans who identify with being European

    Tautalus posted an interesting graph showing what percentage of Europeans identified with their nationality and/or "Europeanness". This dates back to 2015, so for more up to date information I checked the latest Eurobarometer on Values and identities of EU citizens (published in November...
  3. Archetype0ne

    Guess his ethnicity

    He is a quite successful chef, some of you might even know him; if you do, don't spoil it.