1. Archetype0ne

    Ancient DNA, admx. history and endogamy in the prehistoricAegean Skourtaniotietal2022
  2. Jovialis

    Intact Early Mycenaean Tomb Discovered in Greece

    An intact tomb from the early Mycenaean era (1650-1400 BC) has been unearthed by archaeologists in the region of Nemea, southern Greece. According to the Culture Ministry, the tomb is among the largest ever found in the region and is set apart by the short yet wide path leading to its entrance...
  3. Jovialis

    Drone captures awesome beauty of ancient Greek site of Mycenae The ancient site of Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung of by Homer in his epics, has been captured in all its glory in a drone video, according to the following article published by Mycenae...
  4. Jovialis

    Iklaina was a Major Center of Mycenaean Culture

    Monumental discoveries in Iklaina, including an open-air pagan sanctuary, have reinforced the view that this ancient Greek town was no backwater as had been thought, but a major center of Mycenaean culture – that throws back the formation of the earliest complex states in ancient Greece by...
  5. C

    Mycenaeans R1a or R1b?

    By the latest genetic studies, which haplogroup do you think the early Mycenaen Greeks represent, R1a or R1b? Greek being a centum language suggests R1b but Greek shares some features with R1a Indo-Iranian as well.
  6. A

    What can autosomal calculators tell us about ancient Greek admixture?

    There are plenty of autosomal calculators around ( and I have used practically all of them in order to identify any hint that would point me to the ancient Greek admixture. I will use data from the Dodecad project (k12b calculator) and concentrate on 3 populations who, I...