1. Maciamo

    Genetic analysis of Early Medieval Germanic tribes

    I long wanted to compare the genomes of various Germanic tribes to see how similar they were with each others and how much they resembled modern Europeans. I have started doing it here with an analysis of Lombard, Anglo-Saxon, Suebi/Alemanni and Ostrogothic genomes. In short, Lombards and...
  2. U

    Ramirez de Arellano and Y14999

    Hello to all. My first post on this forum. My name is Ken Ramirez de Arellano (RDA). We have been researching the origins of the Ramirez de Arellano from Logrono, Spain (Rioja). We've located 9 proven RDA descendants that are all I-P109 including two that are not from Puerto Rican descendants...
  3. Maciamo

    Lombard vs Roman Y-DNA and mtDNA from northern Italy and Hungary

    The study on Lombard DNA by Amorim et al. (2018) was already discussed a few months ago as part of a preliminary paper, but did not yet include the Y-DNA and mtDNA tables. This is still a pre-print, but at least we can see what haplogroups the Lombards carried. The admixtures for each sample...
  4. Jovialis

    Knife-Hand Prosthesis On Longobard Warrior

    In a discovery worthy of the Walking Dead, Italian archaeologists have identified a Medieval warrior whose right forearm and hand were amputated and who appears to have compensated with a knife-ended prosthesis. The skeleton was found in Povegliano Veronese, a Longobard or early Medieval...
  5. A

    I2a2a3 Concentration in Campobasso, Italy and surrounding villages/towns

    May I call your attention to the very small, but highly concentrated dot located in South-Central Italy, which highlights an unusually high occurrence of the haplogroup I2a2 (specifically I2a2a3). I have a few questions regarding this specific population, because I don't believe anyone's really...
  6. Maciamo

    Distribution of I1 in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Haplogroup I1 is a marker of Germanic migrations to Italy. The Ostrogoths, Vandals, Lombards, Franks and Normans all left some I1 lineages behind them. The distribution of I1 is fairly homogeneous all over Italy, usually ranging from 1 to 5%. I had a look at the new study by Boattini et al. to...
  7. Maciamo

    Hundreds of ancient Lombards to be autosomally tested

    Patrick J. Geary of the Institute for Advanced Study announced a few days ago that he and his team were going to test the DNA of hundreds of Lombard-era individuals from cemeteries in Pannonia and Italy. They will test about 5000 SNP's in each sample. The aim is of course to better understand...
  8. A

    Normans, Gallo-Italics and Lombards DNA in Sicily

    Hello everyone! Is there a genetic study about Gallo-Italics of Sicily? They were colonizers and soldiers brought to Sicily by Norman invaders in the eleventh century from their homeland in North Italy (and France?). Their descendants are still there. Gallo-Italics of Sicily, also called...