1. Maciamo

    Funny Panda videos 🐼

    To lighten the mood. It's not surprising that pandas are endangered and once faced extinction. How can an animal be more clumsy and carefree? Better to watch in full screen.
  2. R

    y-DNA haplogroup jokes

    I thought of injecting a little humor into the often contentious and heated topic of y-DNA. Y-DNA jokes ahead, beware. Q: Why does R1b dominate so heavily in the Basque country? A: Because I couldn't make it that far out. Q: Someone asked me if I would help them find a common paternal...
  3. N

    Haplogroup personality types?

    This might be a question best answered by established users of Eupedia or other genetic sites... I'm wondering if the field of haplogroup study is now far enough along to allow for the identification of haplogroup specific personality traits. For example, the Japanese place real importance on...
  4. edao

    Amusing use of language

    'Dundee United' is Nigerian slang for 'idiot' A BBC documentary into life in Lagos, Nigeria has uncovered an unusual term used by locals to mean a person with no sense – “Dundee United”. Article