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    Haplogroup E from Arabia/Natufian ancestry

    I think I know why Basal Eurasian(BE), which comprised around half of Natufian(Mesolithic Levantines) ancestry, lack SIGNIFICANT Neanderthal admixture. BE would basically be haplotype E of an incoming group of men, which explains why it's around half of the ancestry, and also why has few...
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    E-V22 , E-V13 and their relationship with Haplogroup I

    as far as i know the origins of E-V22 and E-V13 from Egypt and being part of the Levant and the Balkan , the Haplogroup I is also part of the Balkan , my interest is to understand the relation between both , if someone can provide any info please, the reason of my interest is because i have...
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    Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily

    Hello Everyone! I just took a test through 23 and me that told me I am E-L17, a subclade of E-V13. E-V13, according to 23 and me: "Your haplogroup migrated in large numbers from the Balkans into Europe about 4,500 years ago, triggered by the beginning of the Balkan Bronze Age. During this...
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    I received the results of my subclade: L241 Who can tell me which ethnic group has spread this sublcade? PS: sorry for my English :smile:
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    Origin of Haplogroup E?

    Haplogroup E origins in Egypt or Ethiopia?