1. E

    Gedrosia K3 Sources?

    Hello brothers and sisters. I am looking to recreate the Gedrosia K3 from GEDmatch using G25 and I ask for your help. I would like to ask, does anyone know the exact samples (confirmed) being used for the source/reference population for Gedrosia K3 on Gedmatch for the West Eurasian, East...
  2. Mrarsg13

    Question Hello

    Hello, can anyone tell me how to get simulated coordinates in g25 from various other coordinates by adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and other mathematical operations? Is there a special calculator for this or is everything done manually?
  3. F

    G25 Official G25 Coordinates from Tuscans(Divided by Origin)

    Only good coverage samples(no outlier): From Florence(A village near to Florence - info from the dataset)...
  4. A

    G25 Post your G25 heatmap

    If you have G25 coordinates, you can use this program to generate your European heatmap. Here is one generated using a Romanian's coordinates: Thanks to Jerome Hamon for inspiring me to write this program after seeing their Taux de Similitude. And just for France, here is another one...
  5. A

    G25 British Isles G25 Coords Request

    I am looking for any regional (e.g. county-level) G25 coordinates (scaled) for any country in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or Northern Ireland). I'm using it to update an automatic heatmap painter I'm developing, and will PM a link to anyone who helps me out. All I...
  6. D

    G25 Illustrative DNA vs Genoplot G25 coordinates

    Hello, I got my g25 coordinates from Illustrative DNA some time ago. Recently I played around a bit with Genoplot and realized that simulated g25 coordinates that Genoplot gives you differ quite a bit from those I received from Illustrative DNA, although in theory they should match or be very...
  7. Archetype0ne

    G25 G25 3D Display on-line by Vahaduo

    New Tool for 3D display of G25 based PCA posted on Eurogenes by Davidski. Eurogenes blog: https://eurogenes.blogspot.com/2020/...m-vahaduo.html The online tool: https://vahaduo.github.io/3d/g25/ I will shortly post my results.