1. T

    A Novice in Genetics and DNA Testing Has Some Questions

    So I tested my DNA with LivingDNA and got my results. Now I want to know what I can do with those results. I'm very interested in exploring my ancestry and history of my lineages. I will ask some questions and hopefully someone out there is able to answer them. Keep in mind that I am a complete...
  2. M

    Do Chinese have Finnish in them?

    I've been searching for ancestry composition videos and I've noticed some pattern among Chinese. We're all mixed. Everybody has blended or descends from a foreign population if we go far back in time. I wonder to which extent they consider other haplogroups native to the place, or they count...
  3. Jovialis

    Ancient Fennoscandian genomes reveal origin and spread of Siberian ancestry in Europe

    Abstract European population history has been shaped by migrations of people, and their subsequent admixture. Recently, ancient DNA has brought new insights into European migration events linked to the advent of agriculture, and possibly to the spread of Indo-European languages. However, little...
  4. Jovialis

    The Genetics of the Finns

    Here's a new episode from the Insight. I'm just listening to it now:
  5. Jovialis

    Archaeologists found traces of submerged Stone Age settlement in Southeast Finland

    A prehistoric settlement submerged under Lake Kuolimojarvi provides researchers with a clearer picture of the human occupation in South Karelia during the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Stone Age (about 10,000—6,000 years ago) and opens up a new research path in Finnish archaeology. In the...
  6. Maciamo

    New dedicated page for Y-haplogroup N1c

    To complete the series of pages about major haplogroup in Europe, here is Haplogroup N1c.