1. Maciamo

    Economy Countries that do not use credit scores (e.g. for credit cards)

    Over 10 years ago I wrote an article called What differentiates Europeans from Americans: the cultural gap across the Atlantic. I last updated it 5 years ago to add some more differences I had forgotten. One thing I did not mention, as it's not strictly speaking a difference between the US and...
  2. Maciamo

    Nature Is your bank one of those financing the Amazon destruction & extinction of species?

    Is your bank one of those financing the Amazon destruction & extinction of species? My latest article. Don't be complicit. Know what your bank is doing and choose a better bank if yours is evil.
  3. Maciamo

    Economy These are the best mobile banking apps in the world

    Sia Partners examined 135 banks from 17 different countries around the world, mostly in Western Europe, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and East Asia. The two best banking apps were both from Belgian banks, KBC and Belfius. KBC's app has a digital assistant in the line of Apple's Siri or...
  4. Archetype0ne

    Recent International Geo-Political Developments

    "6:37" That something is cooking that much is certain. What, why and how it will unfold, time will tell. However, that map behind Bolton and Mnuchin does not look like a good omen considering: 1) The recent political re-kindling over the future of Syria between Russia, Iran and Turkey. 2)...
  5. Maciamo

    Financial literacy rates around the world

    McGraw Hill Financial has just released the results of their Global Financial Literacy Survey, which aims at evaluating people's knowledge of basic financial concepts such as risk diversification, inflation, interests, and compound interests on loans and credit cards. Only about a third of the...
  6. edao

    Economy Italy - GOES BUST!

    Today Italian yield on 10-year government bonds went over 7%. 7% is regarded as the line after which a country can no longer afford to service it's debts. Can the EU afford to bailout Italy now, what cost has Italian pantomine political culture cost Europe? Are we looking at the end of the EU...
  7. edao

    Economy Fundamental Reform of the Financial System

    What do you think should be changed about the financial system to prevent boom and bust economics? Money as Debt - Documentary
  8. edao

    Economy JP Morgan manipulating the silver market

    "Andrew Maguire is a former Goldman Sachs trader. He went public in April 2010 with assertions of market manipulation by J.P. Morgan and HSBC of the gold and silver markets. Maguire and his wife were injured in a hit and run accident in March of 2010 after Maguire's name came to light during a...
  9. L

    Economy The French government has pressured Greece for the financial aid: Daniel Cohn-Bendit

  10. edao

    Economy Fedral Europe?

    Will be financial crisis of southern Europe act as a catalist for "fiscal federalism"? It seems the Euro can no longer afford to operate under the current model. "EMU architects were warned in the early 1990s that monetary union would prove unworkable as constructed. They scoffed, sure that...