1. M

    Single God & Philosophy began in the VI century BC

    Today I wanna share an interesting coincidence that I've been thinking for some time now. And it's the change from naturalistic gods(god of rain, of the Sun...) , full of human passions and conspiracies against other gods. To a kind of god that resembles the idea we had for the past 2...
  2. Archetype0ne

    Rewriting Life / The CRISPR twins had their brains altered

    ( The future is now. We are living in a New Zeitgeist. "Rewriting Life The CRISPR twins had their brains altered New research suggests that a controversial gene-editing experiment to make children resistant...
  3. Jovialis

    Neurology Neuroscience predicts decision-making in moral dilemmas

    It is wartime. You and your fellow refugees are hiding from enemy soldiers, when a baby begins to cry. You cover her mouth to block the sound. If you remove your hand, her crying will draw the attention of the soldiers, who will kill everyone. If you smother the child, you'll save yourself and...
  4. Petros Agapetos

    Ethics Ethics and Meta-Ethics

    There are three branches of Ethics: - Applied Ethics = addresses specific ethical questions and problems - Normative Ethics = examines the rules and principles that guide our behaviour, develops general moral theories: virtue ethics, utilitarianism, consequentialism, etc. - Meta-Ethics =...
  5. Petros Agapetos

    Ethics How Science Can Answer Moral Questions

    Science can answer moral questions Sam Harris points out we show greater concern for the well-being of primates than rocks or ants. He suggests this is due to their greater capacity for happiness and suffering. He claims all moral systems are a concern for life capable of conscious experience...
  6. LeBrok

    Politics Is modern Europe product of christian values?

    I know we used to attribute many current events and systems of modern Europe as coming from heritage of Christian Europe. But can we really describe what are the unique Christian values that helped to build modern Europe? I've found easier to express what Christianity didn't affect in Modern...
  7. LeBrok

    Right, Wrong and Morality

    GSML – Group Survival Morality Law Definition of GSML: Whatever makes your group stronger or protects it is Good, Right, Moral. Whatever makes it weaker or destroys it is Wrong, Evil, Immoral.
  8. edao

    Economy Anyone for overtime?

    For those of the opinion that the hard working Germans are bailing out lazy Greeks think again! Source Maybe Holland need to cut back on the wacky backy :crab: