1. M

    Ancient North Siberians I wanted to comment on this paper, it shows something that striked me. Mal'ta site is already a very Eastern site for what you'd expect to be an ancestor of Europeans. It's in lake Baikal. But in this study, a 31k ya skeleton from the...
  2. M

    Map of Neanderthal remains

    This is a very cool and interesting map that I found. All the samples form and arc, but it has a hole in its North. And even though the world has been more glacial, we still have examples of Modern Human (Sapiens) in the North Central Eurasian area like Kostenki and Ust-ishim.
  3. A

    How did Proto-Indo-Europeans (R* R1b/R1a) lose Mongoloid characteristics?

    The emergence of haplogroup R * is related to the Siberian culture of Mal'ta – Buret '. But it has been shown that the boy from Malta had a Mongoloid phenotype very similar to today's Siberian populations, dark eyes and hair. We know that people from Yamnaya Culture had a fairly high percentage...
  4. LeBrok

    Glacial effect on Paleolithic and Mesolithic population.

    I came upon a very interesting article and maps about the extent of Ice Age glaciers with enormous flood basins. Asia as we know it today didn't exist in the past. It was more of landscape of separate lands with huge seas between them and mountains of ice. Till pretty much the end of Ice Age...
  5. Maciamo

    New map of Ancient Eurasian (ANE) admixture

    Year 2014 is drawing to a close and I was hoping to finish the ANE and WHG maps by the end of the year. Here is the first one. The data is based on Eurogenes. This map compares the genes of modern people to the DNA of a Central Siberian mammoth hunter (known as MA-1), who lived 24,000 years...
  6. LeBrok

    Makin a map of EEF, WHG and ANE admixtures in Europe. Please post your data.

    In order to make such maps we need a lot of data from all over the Europe. By the nature of this data collection it will be a self reporting project. It is not the best way, but it might be the only way to gather data for these maps. Please post your EEF, WHG, EEF numbers with place of birth...
  7. LeBrok

    Alcohol Dependency in Europe goes up with increased ANE admixture.

    Alcohol (ethanol) is a very potent mind altering substance, and has very addictive properties. Therefore, the question is, why some populations cope well with alcohol, which is a normal part of their culture, when others have rampant problem with alcoholism and considers alcohol as biggest...