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    r1b isn't that much

    There are those who think the indo european pastoralists were perfect , the height of human species, an anacronistic ideal to be emulated by we super market hunter gatherers resentful modernoids. Deformed ugly imbeciles like that textbook one with the big name 'Bronze age pervert'. These folks...
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    Do you have early gray hair ?

    No, my girlfriend once thought i had one in the front but it was just a atypicaly blond one. People in the more mixed side (with SSA) of my family take long to get gray and theyr hair hardly gets completely white. The more caucasoid side of the family starts whitening at around 44. At around 70...
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    Genetic study The Picenes and the Genetic Landscape of Central Adriatic Italy in the Iron Age.

    Is the sardinian sample (ORC007) really J-YP91 + ? Personally I tend to trust more on yfull than Trojet, not for any other reason than that i never saw then made a reading mistake but Trojet did, no ofense intended. If anyone that holds no animosity towards this fading piece of fetishised dna...
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    What's your favourite Romance Language?

    Portuguese by far, the language 80% + of my ancestors have been speaking since its beggining. Spanish sounds weird to my lusophone ears (maybe precisely because of similarity) but i studied it , it is a very important widespread language after all, and the sevillan accent is the best. French is...
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    Genetic study The Picenes and the Genetic Landscape of Central Adriatic Italy in the Iron Age.

    Even the term "germanic y-dna" is kinda non sense in the broad generalistic manner that is always used(it could hardly be diferent), when you keep in mind gauls for example had I1 among then while germanics thenselves had a good percentage of R1b-L2, G2,E1b and J2 from their hallstatt and other...
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    Genetic study The Picenes and the Genetic Landscape of Central Adriatic Italy in the Iron Age.

    Picenes were not even italics in the linguistic sense. And you can't generalise the special case of J2b-L283 as the same to other J2 subgroups because its really not, its a completely odd lineage in general. Plus, there are two J2-L283 etruscans and a sigbificant number of actual italIc aDna...
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    J2b2-L283 (proto-illyrian)

    Hello , it seems there are some "J-M12" in this study: PN101 - NovilaraPiceneIron AgeVII c. BCE Mtdna: H13a1; Y-dna: J2-M172/M12 PN57NovilaraPiceneIron Agesecond half of VII c. BCE Mtdna: J2b1a1; Y-dna: J2-M172/M12...
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    J2b2-L283 (proto-illyrian)

    New ancient L283 sample, from this publication: Id: CGG021924 Location: Kiskundorozsma Culture: Sarmatian Y-dna: J2b-L283( no further info) Mtdna: J1c2 There are like 600 samples in that study and only one close...
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    Mycaeanean weapons

    Before being celtic the triskelion was mycenean.
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    Is Haplogroup R the "O1 of the Steppe"?

    I mean it sounds like horoscope stuff.
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    Is Haplogroup R the "O1 of the Steppe"?

    Do you wonder if it also got a "cancer rising"? Because your post got ours.
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    Genetic study Shrouded in history: Unveiling the ways of life of an early Muslim population in Santarém, Portugal (8th– 10th century AD)

    They only looked at J1(paleolithic) level? Not like that lineage wasn't found among north russian hunter gatheres, european neolithic farmers, european cooper age and such. I found no autossomals.
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    Pompei, capsula del tempo dell'Impero Romano: analisi paleogenomica dei resti umani rinvenuti nell'antica città

    Looking at the admix graphs these pompeians seen to have mycenean like genetic profile ( less than 15% steppe) . So overwhelmingly anatolian farmer with some iran neolithic.
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    Sustainability Plant-based meat sales by country

    What is the difficulty of understanding that a vegan / plant based diet is overwhelmingly based upon fruits and vegetables in their unprocessed state? The work of the farmer would only change from farming animals to farming better quality legumes (human market demands more health with less...
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    J2b2-L283 (proto-illyrian)

    Going by the study's abstract they might have been some avar elite clan. Maybe Z631 was present among some sarmatians that were assimilated by the avars on the way to hungary, wich would maybe link to the tatar Z631.
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    Nature EU to introduce new regulation aimed at restricting products linked to deforestation

    Great, now european and western companies just need to completely get out of the amazon (and the rest of the country) entirely. Look at those nords they are such developt people:
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    Who were the basal Eurasians?

    Maybe whgs were just more neanderthal admixed dzudzuana ? Then would there be a need for this whole basal eurasian thing?
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    Genetic study Until death do us part

    Very boR1ng y dnas.
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    AI goes woke and refuses to create images of Caucasian people - after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings,..etc

    Whites have little place in the actual anti racist fight, most of it consists of feeling resented or guilty towards the "bad karma" they got along their more confortable lifes , and just trying not to bother non white people in living a dignified tranquile life. I tell you this as a brasilian...
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    AI goes woke and refuses to create images of Caucasian people - after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings,..etc

    Sure , this kind of stuff also do a big damage on the actual anti racist strugle, as big corporations paint it as a irracional hysteria and their client buy this image.This just goes to show you actually don't need to be smart at all to get into a important position at google, you just need to...