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  1. alexreg

    New map of R1b-S28 (U152)

    Not to know for sure, but if one studies history and population movements (by various methods), one can perhaps make an educated guess, hence my original question.
  2. alexreg

    New map of R1b-S28 (U152)

    Yes, I would tend to agree with that. I'm just wondering if we can make an educated guess as to whether it's more likely to be from Hallstatt Celts or Italic Romans, in the case of Galicia / NW Iberia.
  3. alexreg

    New map of R1b-S28 (U152)

    Right, that's what I'm suggesting is most likely. It seems the Suebi had R1b-U1006, I1, and other haplogroups in small amounts. Maybe they carried a little U152 they picked up as they expanded south, but not enough to explain the frequency in Galicia, I'd wager.
  4. alexreg

    Mutation R-YP1337 = Ruthenians?

    Indeed, this is essentially a Slavic branch (much more general than just Ruthenians), and the Y-Full branch shows just two Turkish samples, alongside Slavic ones. Almost surely a result of Ottoman invasions and raids.
  5. alexreg

    New map of R1b-S28 (U152)

    @Maciamo Thank you for your excellent work on this map, and many others. I am particularly curious as to your present best theory on the prevalence of U152 in NW Iberia. Similarly, the map "Combined Hallstatt/La Tène Celtic & Italic Y-DNA haplogroups", which includes U152. As far as I can tell...
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    "Cannot post links"

    I am trying to post a reply on an existing thread, but the following error message, even though there is definitely no link in my message, which is very odd! An error has occurred alexreg! You must have 20 posts in order to post links. Your current post count is 0. I would appreciate if...