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  1. Carbo

    R1b-L51* in the Dorians?

    R1b -L51* was present among in the Dorians? "In actual fact, the origins of the Dorians, a pastoral people, are necessarily obscure, but it appears they originated in northern and northwestern Greece, i.e. Macedonia and Epirus. From there they apparently swept southward into central Greece and...
  2. Carbo

    U5a2b* in Italy: more Greek or Roman?

    U5a2b would seem more of Greek origin, considering that it is more in southern Italy above all Sicily, Calabria and Puglia or more Roman (Latin colonization)?
  3. Carbo


    "The study of Sardinian Y-DNA by Francalacci et al. (2013) allowed to have a look at the subclades of R1b-PF7589-->PF7590 on this island that has not been settled by the Celts or the Etruscans, nor by an Italic tribe besides the Romans."..."The geographic isolation of Sardinia has left its...