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  1. Twilight

    Whats the wildest assumption somebody made about your ethnic group??

    That’s a first. Agreeing with Samuel here, The West Coast has a rich Pinoy culture; with all different kinds of skin complexions; a family friend looks closer to Mainland East Asians in complexion. It’s nice seeing the Sinongobee decorations over the holidays at the Catholic Church; as well as...
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    Whats the wildest assumption somebody made about your ethnic group??

    During my teenage years, classmates thought I was Asian. Nowadays people ask about my British past; Including my Girlfriend’s parents; whom immigrated from India. My Maternal Nanny Babysat me in Preschool when Mom was off to college and dating my Step-Dad. Nanny Carol was born in London and...
  3. Twilight

    AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Update

    The major problem is that Ancestry is using samples of Ethnic Europeans living in the 21st century. My British Isles ancestry results have gotten jumbled up all over the place over the years due to the British Isles having both Celtic and Scando-Jutland ancestry; and to a lesser extent the Saxon...
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.

    It is up for Congress to decide what Federal Laws are being passed. Unfortunately, the Democrat and Republican Party in Congress are just too far clashed with each other that a nationwide agreement on gun laws is unrealistic...
  5. Twilight

    Politics Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.

    Thanks for the info guys, getting out my popcorn. There are many Palm oil free products that you can buy in the store. I don’t want to advertise products in the thread but you can look them up. :) In order to get palm oil off the store shelves, we need to vote with our debit card, not our...
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    Economy Americans pay far more than Europeans for education, healthcare and energy

    Yeah, I have a beach-homestead on an island cabin to offset the costs. Got the beach cabin from my Late Grandmother during COVID. :) The grocery bill really went down due to garden space.
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    Politics Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.

    At a certain point, you just can’t change the spots on a dog. All you can do is to work with the sane people in the other/same political party. The folks whom don’t use common sense while protesting are beyond compromising with and sometimes in those situations you need to strategically...
  8. Twilight

    Climate change Was July 2023 really the hottest in 100,000 years?

    You do whatever you and Europe need to do Maciamo. American Politics is so toxic that global climate change debates are in the political frey, you’ll get some action from American Major cities/suburbs though. ^_^
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    Anthrogenica Archives Mtdna J

  10. Twilight

    Anthrogenica archives Mtdna J (Testing and unprocessed)

    J1c8 - Maternal Haplogroup (Credit goes to trdbr1234 and Little Bit of Anthrogenica[COLOR=#484848]Origin and Migrations of Haplogroup J1c8 Your maternal line stems from a branch of J called J1c8. Haplogroup J1c8 is a relatively young haplogroup that traces back to a woman who lived approximately...
  11. Twilight

    Anthrogenica (2012-August 17th, 2023) Paleolithic (Dzudzuana, ANE, WHG, etc.) ancest

    Paleolithic (Dzudzuana, ANE, WHG, etc.) ancestry table of G25+qpAdm models+coords (Credit goes to ILoveHistory of Anthrogenica) I made sure that the results are correct by the qpAdm models from the paper Supplementary material: Excel table...
  12. Twilight

    Anthrogenica (2012-August 17th, 2023) Reincarnation attempt for Fauna Thread

    Hey Maciamo and the Moderator Team, It looks like Anthrogenica (2012-2023) will be closing its doors on August 17th 2023. This is an attempt to rescue the Fauna group but I’m not sure where to put this post in the Eupedia Forum. I was wondering if you can help me on this please. :) If you want...
  13. Twilight

    Ben Shapiro is R1b

    L23 is a early Bronze Age Haplogroup. Ben Shapiro must have a rare subclade. :)
  14. Twilight

    Vahaduo?s transition from Gedmatch to G25 coordinates.

    Hey Moderators, please correct me If mistaken but it doesn?t look like Vahaduo is accepting gedmatch coordinates anymore in favor of G25 coordinates. If this is not a mistake, there a way to update Maciamo?s ?Eupedia Ancient Ethnicity Analyzer? please; in order to honor Vahaduo?s transition to...
  15. Twilight

    Climate change Is it time for Americans to stop using their air conditioners?

    This picture taken from my house. This is the Northern Puget Sound looking strait at the Cascade Mountains. The sea is so close to the Cascade Mountain ranges that the two tend to keep Western Washington cool in the summer and the Mountains block out almost all of the snowstorms in the winter...
  16. Twilight

    Climate change Is it time for Americans to stop using their air conditioners?

    Awesome!! :) Going to be honest with you, just reading the different Moderators arguing about air-conditioning just made me get out the popcorn. :D Yeah, the big problem with every American ditching air-conditioning Willy-nilly is that it would mean laying off hundreds of people from the...
  17. Twilight

    R1B-U152-Z56 Phylogenetic tree

    Hey Moderators Is it okay if you guys can start a Z56 phylogenetic tree please? ;) As familytreedna progress through our ydna reasearch, we get more detailed results; same is the case for Ydna U152-Z56. It appears that some subclades; like my Ydna BY3957 and it?s ancestors were already...
  18. Twilight

    R1b-U152-Z71 Italo-Roman didn?t leave England after all?

    I suppose a Norman lineage is possible; there is a FitzRandolph and Randoll lineage that shares this ydna subclade. However my surname Blackledge is Anglo-Saxon and Ancestry Thrulines has Thomas Blackledge (1706-1790) as a biological ancestor; so adultery would need to be involved in order for...
  19. Twilight

    Why do the edges often have no color? An error in the graphics?

    The White areas means that Ydna O is <1.5%, Ghengis Khan?s greatest folly was that he grew his empire so fast that Mongolian settlers didn?t really have a chance to get settled down in the western edges of the Mongolian Empire; before the Golden Hoard broke off in 1242 and the Ilkhanate in 1256...
  20. Twilight

    R1b-U152-Z71 Italo-Roman didn?t leave England after all?

    Hey guys, R1B-BY3957 is downstream from R1B-FGC36902. If R1B-Z71 came from Italic tribes, do you know when FGC36902 spread out to England? Were there any Roman Centurions; or their families that stayed behind in England during the Dark Ages? Thanks so much in advanced Source for the pic :)...