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  1. Angela

    Steppe Ancestry in western Eurasia and the spread of the Germanic Languages

    Posted in a response to Lazaridis on twitter apropos of a discussion about an "eastern" shift in Italy and then a "northern" shift.: "If the new paper on the spread of the Germanics is correct, the Ostrogoths and Visigoths were primarily Southern Europeans, leaving any genetic input from...
  2. Angela

    Genetic study Fine-scale sampling uncovers the complexity of migrations in 5th–6th century Pannonia

    My husband's very different results: Distance to: AJF 0.02514885 pannonean:Bal_144 0.03583245 pannonian:FVD009 0.04864600 1:To_Lav_T37US60 0.05020555 pannonean:Bal_148 0.05242995 1:To_Lav_T38US344 0.05289489 1:HACS-22 0.05306306 pannonean:Bal_143 0.05550360 1:To_Lav_T90US339...
  3. Angela

    Genetic study Fine-scale sampling uncovers the complexity of migrations in 5th–6th century Pannonia

    Target: Angela Distance: 0.5013% / 0.00501271 75.6 1 15.4 pannonean 9.0 pannonian
  4. Angela

    Genetic study Fine-scale sampling uncovers the complexity of migrations in 5th–6th century Pannonia

    Distance to: Angela 0.02767032 1:Bard_T7A 0.03062205 pannonean:Bal_143 0.03217057 1:To_Lav_T1US6 0.03338155 1:To_Lav_T37US60 0.03383604 1:Bard_T12 0.03426442 1:To_Lav_T38US344 0.03557500 1:Bard_T10 0.03603288 1:To_Lav_T90US339 0.03644924 1:Bard_T11 0.04166641 1:Bard_T6...
  5. Angela

    Politics Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.

    You're never going to convince people who don't understand America, don't understand the system, and don't apply critical thinking to statistics and just accept whatever is fed to them, or whatever supports their own biases. I've seen it over and over again on this site. I don't have this kind...
  6. Angela

    Traditional music Greek Folk music: songs and dances

    OMG! What a magnificent dancer he is, and stunning looking to boot. His face could be lifted from an icon.
  7. Angela

    Question What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?

    Sorry about the mix up, Silesian. Anyone who would say such a thing has a screw loose and I would immediately cross them off my list of people whom I engage in conversation. Life is too short to waste it on idiocy. As for my pet peeves, I have dozens of them, too many to list, and mostly...
  8. Angela

    Sound of Freedom-Is there a concerted attempt to stop people from seeing it.

    This is an independently made film starring Jim Caviezel in a re-telling of the re-life mission by Tim Ballard, an ex-Homeland of National Security agent to rescue children sold into sexual slavery around the world. I really didn't want to see it, having been exposed to enough of that...
  9. Angela

    Climate change Was July 2023 really the hottest in 100,000 years?

    Just saw a tweet where some stupid poster claimed this last week has been the hottest in 100,000 years. I asked how he could know that since we've only had the instruments to measure that and record it for about 100 years. There was, of course, no answer. :)
  10. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    Also important is the fact that France was reacting to the fact that cars were being used as weapons, i.e that rampage in the south which killed many and injured more. We had an example here in the U.S. of a man plowing through a parade and killing old women, children, families. Had he been...
  11. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    I sincerely doubt it's 20X more likely, given the police are afraid to enter the suburban ghettos encircling the city. However, even accepting that estimate, how many times are they more likely to commit crimes than the rest of the population? You'd have to know that figure before labeling...
  12. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    I hesitated to intervene in this discussion, but I do have some real life experience with such matters. Human beings aren't perfect, including police officers, and they bring their own baggage, societal and psychological, with them. Some of them should never have been accepted into the police...
  13. Angela

    Ligurian Minestrone in a Michelin Star Restaurant

    Honestly, I make the original all the time and it's delicious as is; don't need all the fancier touches.
  14. Angela

    World Wide Child Slavery and Sexual Exploitation of Children

  15. Angela

    Origin of blonde hair in Neolithic farmers.

    I don't know about anyone else's babies, but I know about mine. My son: 1 month old, 9 months old, as a young boy. Click to enlarge.I assure you that was black hair. He now has honey colored hair and a reddish brown beard. His coloring is like my brother's. The moral of the story is that...
  16. Angela

    How to Smelt Chalcolithic Copper

    See: How to Smelt Chalcolithic Copper - Biblical Archaeology Society
  17. Angela

    The Big Exchange Project

    See: "Aim of the project Large-scale raw material exchange systems connect production from source to demand in...
  18. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    Europe didn't need American tutelage to open the doors to mass migration. It opened the doors itself, in virtually all cases out of greed. Postwar, they needed the migrants to man the factories, as in, for example, Belgium, never thinking ahead to the fact that someday the factories might have...
  19. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    I doubt everyone can understand it, but this is a good overview of Cultural Marxism from its roots in the writings of Marx(in the context of a discussion of the Birmingham school). It has been the dominant ideology of academia throughout the West since the 60s. How you could have attended...
  20. Angela

    Crime Riots in France over police shooting

    What the heck does that have to do with the fact that you knew nothing or pretended to know nothing about the excesses of far left Marxist-Leninist ideology in Europe. As here in the U.S. the proponents supposedly disavowed violence but went on to dominate academia. Good grief, man, give it up...