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  1. real expert

    Users requesting to be banned

    I agree. It's a pity when people with historical and archaeological understanding leave the forum. Data alone does not tell the whole story in genetic analysis; the data should be interpreted using anthropological or archaeological knowledge in realistic or meaningful ways.
  2. real expert

    Irish Actor Barry Keoghan

    Just to clarify, how do you know he is 100% Irish? Did you see a legitimate DNA test that revealed that he was 100% Irish? And, yes, he appears to be part Asian, and I have seen Germans who are quarter Japanese or Korean who resemble him. So, if this actor is fully Irish, he definitely has a...
  3. real expert

    AI goes woke and refuses to create images of Caucasian people - after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings,..etc

    Google Gemini is accused of being racist towards white people: Users claim the AI bot refuses to create images of Caucasian people - after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings, and country music fans Google's 'next-generation model', Gemini 1.5, features image generation Users have noted that...
  4. real expert

    Alexander the Great's FATHER is found.

    Certainly, one of the biggest stories of the century would be a bombshell publication containing King Philip II's DNA results. To their great annoyance, the Greeks, who regard Alexander as the greatest of all time, are enraged by the fervent arguments on the internet by Albanians, Bulgarians...
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    Alexander the Great's FATHER is found.

    Alexander the Great's FATHER is found: Ancient Greek tomb discovered in 1977 is confirmed to contain the remains of King Philip II The identification of the Royal Tombs in the Great Tumulus at Vergina, Macedonia, Greece: A comprehensive review Highlights • The skeletons belong to...
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    Intelligence What characterises people with high IQ's ?

    Intelligent people have good observation skills, are curious, do not overestimate themselves, recognize connections, and have a healthy dose of skepticism, and so on.
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    Philosophy Was Nietzsche German or Polish?

    What many people don't know is that one of Germany's best football players, Michael Ballack, is a Sorb. And his actress is also of Sorbian origin.
  8. real expert

    DNA study shows Greeks clustering with Africans.

    I'm well aware of Arnaiz-Villena and his flawed and deceptive methodology, as well as the fact that his paper was dismissed by actual geneticists. However, my concern, like yours, is that Nature published this useless and fraudulent DNA paper in 2023, which is being interpreted as verification...
  9. real expert

    DNA study shows Greeks clustering with Africans.

    Afrocentrists are now using this study to validate their claims that the original Greeks were black.🥱 HLA alleles and haplotypes in Sudanese population and their relationship with Mediterraneans - Fabio Suarez‑Trujillo...Antonio Arnaiz‑Villena September 2023 Below from the article, some...
  10. real expert

    Politics World War III?

    It only speaks well of your character that you maintain your humanity and remain empathic and compassionate instead of becoming cynical or contemptuous of human life. Many people become insensitive to the suffering and misery of people in war zones after being exposed to various types of war and...
  11. real expert

    Holy Crap, Anthrogenica is closing

    Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this. As much as I disliked Antrogenica and their tyrannical moderator style, this forum was not a haven for white supremacists, let alone Neo-Nazis. AG, on the other hand, is extremely liberal, and some of the Mods are non-white or Jewish. Moreover...
  12. real expert

    Stonehenge Was Built by Black People, according to Children’s History Book

    The Nigerian-born author, like the BBC or Netflix, is unconcerned about facts, truth, true history, or DNA, and they are purposefully misleading and misinforming the public, particularly youngsters. They aren't concerned with intellectual integrity or historical accuracy; it's all about...
  13. real expert

    Stonehenge Was Built by Black People, according to Children’s History Book

    Pics of the author of Brilliant Black British History Atinuke, who has written several books for children and the depictions in her book:
  14. real expert

    Stonehenge Was Built by Black People, according to Children’s History Book

    Stonehenge was built when Britain was a 'black country', new children's book claims Brilliant Black British History is by Nigerian-born British author Atinuke It also claims 'every single British person comes from a migrant'...
  15. real expert

    Egyptian Ancient Dna from the Old and Middle Kingdoms

    Let me guess: your assumptions were mocked, dismissed, and brushed aside. You were most likely accused of trying to Europeanize or whitewash ancient Egypt. Right?
  16. real expert

    Genetic study The Genetic Legacy of the Roman Imperial Rule in northern Italy

    Thanks for sharing this abstract with us. Having a genetic paper on ancient Rome is always exciting. I'm looking forward to stimulating and useful debates and new exchanges about the Imperial Roman demographic shift. Recently, the Archaeogenetics community became a little monotonous. In any...
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    Debate Is Elon Musk the devil?

    Musk believes that free speech allows people to share news without bias from the establishment. As a result, many people regard him as a champion of free speech and a hero who stands up for the common man. Fair enough, the controversial business magnate has done some things on Twitter that...