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    MyHeritage vs (Recent Update)

    I´m still waiting for the update....
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    Europe Hair Color Calculator

    mine Distance to: JxxxBxxxxxxx_scaled 0.14384733 Brown_Hair 0.14518262 Dark_Hair 0.14587984 Auburn_Hair 0.14809121 Dark_Light_Hair 0.15028498 Dark_Brown_Hair 0.15056439 Strawberry_Blonde_Hair 0.15130785 Red_Hair 0.15148268 Brunnete_Hair 0.15463757 Light_Blonde_Hair...
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    Religion Does Christian confession incite crime?

    All those considerations makes me think in a photograph published by the NASA , called " The pale blue dot" by Carl Sagan. It was a photo showing what the Earth looks like as seen by one of the Voyager spacecraft. As Sagan said, all our beliefs, our history, our loves and hates, all our lives...
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    G25 G25 Calculateur Antiquite

    Target: JxxxBxxxxxxx_scaled Distance: 0.0174% / 0.01744412 39.8 Celtic_Gallic 19.7 Ancient_South_American 13.5 Italic 10.7 Hittite 7.9 Moor 3.7 Wend 3.6 Egyptian_Old_Middle_Kingdom_Giza_Dahshur_avg 1.1 Yoruba
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    G25 G25 Calculateur Antiquite

    My results Distance to: JxxxBxxxxxxx_scaled 0.10746412 Ostrogothic 0.13666907 Scythian 0.14195893 Illyrian 0.14557853 Iberic 0.14648659 Greek 0.15149977 Celtic_Gallic 0.15403653 Svea 0.15673492 Germanic 0.15784814 Fenni 0.15960654 Vascone 0.16054604 Celtic_Britons...
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    Religion Why are there still Christians?

    I agree with the role of philosophy. I was referring to the context of Western civilization, based on Christianity, wich later allowed the recovery of the ancient Greek philosophy and the development of the Enlighment. Christian thought was omnipresent, but new currents of thought still developed.
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    Religion Why are there still Christians?

    I agree with Tautalus. I was Catholic, and I was educated in schools of Salesian brothers. But over time my faith began to decrease, and today I consider myself a deist, since I am not an atheist either. I believe there is "something" that is beyond the scope of our understanding. But I believe...
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    Geno 2.0 Genographic Project

    My second test (two years later). Genographic Project Next Generation.ter).
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    G25 G25 Global List

    My results . Which surprises me is my lack of affinity with the Italian samples...
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    G25 World Countries Calculator k105

    With the Italian coordinates
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    Iron-age armours, weapons and sculptures

    Amazing! The eyes look so real!