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  1. MandM


    On YFull me and a man from Bulgaria,origin from the Bulgarian Dobruja region, have made a subgroup called E-FT19501, but on ftdna am E-FTB6334 with Romanian, is FT19501 a subgroup above the one i have on ftdna? And will the Bulgarian become ftb6334 in time or will we split if more sampels Come?
  2. MandM

    Question Something odd with my Illustrative DNA Ancient populations mixed mode.

    Could be that they dont have any sampels from that era, and there calculator takes what it belives is the closest?
  3. MandM

    G25 Ancient European Calculator (Scaled)

    Target: MandM Distance: 2.6003% / 0.02600293 33.8Eastern_EEF(DEU_HUN_AUT) 29.8Corded_Ware_Early(POL_CZE_BALTIC_GER) 14.4Maykop_Kura_Araxes(RUS_ARM) 11.6Scythian(UKR_HUN) 10.4Balto_Slavic_HG_Simulated
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    G25 G25 Sea Peoples Calculator by Me

    Target: MandM Distance: 1.6947% / 0.01694689 69.2 SeaPeoples 26.2NorthEastEurope 4.6NorthWestEurope
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    To burn or not to burn: LBA/EIA Balkan case

    Most interesting, do we know from what time period they are from?
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    G25 Neolithic non overfit / non eating up components G25 model by me

    Target: MandM Distance: 4.7096% / 0.04709589 53.6 Balkan_N_(EEF) 31.4East_European_HG 15.0 Georgia_Kotias.SG
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    G25 My G25 Coordinates (share and compare)

    Can you share your model?
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    I belive the more i read about it and think, that Romanians and Aromanians have the same roots, i dont know if other Romanians here have done dna test, but I do get on myheritage some Aromanians from Greece as distans reletives, and i even have the same haplogroup as one Aromanian from...
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    Are you sure the last video is Banat Romanians, becouse it sounds more like timok
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    If onley more Romanians and The "Vlach" in The balkans took more dna test that som we could see what subclade of haplogroups they have, that would help tremendously. On myheritage I know that manay Aromanias get Romania at least middle to high on genetic group confidence level
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    If one looks at i belive it was yours E-V13 Frequency Maps, were E-V13 is most frequently in Serbia, is Serbian Banat that has a relativly big population of Romanians or ancestors of Romania, same goes for eastern Serbia in the Timok region and suronding area that has a relatively big...
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    Yes! Most of them do plot with Croats, Bosnians and Serbs, but we have to taket in to considuration that Croats, and Bosniens are heavy weighters in the Balkans with Slavic DNA, they are about 60% +/- 5% and Serbs around 50% so i would say that that rep of Moldova exept the Southern part and...
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    Origin of the Eastern Romance or Vlach Peoples

    Befor i thought as many others that romance speakers in the South Balkan, timok vlach and Romanians were not the same, and even argued for it, but this year after not trying to be bias and a bit of logic, i have come to the same conclussion what you wrote here, more or less that we are the...
  14. MandM

    Y-DNA Bassarab Medieval Vlachs

    Dosent that mean then that Proto-Albanians are more of a Thracians origin then? I belive reich lab paper showed that there is not enough E-V13 in bronze and ironage Albania to conclude that illyrians were E-V13 that most of that HG was found closest to todays Bulgaria and that proto Albanians...
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    G25 G25 Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe Iron Age Calculator

    Target: Gedzo Distance: 2.1260% / 0.02126011 49.6 Balkan_IA_East 40.8 Slavic 8.2 Imperial_Roman_mixed 1.4 TUR_Ottoman Target: Gedzo Distance: 4.2555% / 0.04255471 54.8 TUR_Barcin_N 30.4 UKR_Meso 14.8 GEO_CHG Target: Gedzo Distance: 4.2315% / 0.04231550 53.8 TUR_Barcin_N 23.4 UKR_Meso 13.0...
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    K12b Dodecad K12b Pontic greeks (52 samples) with Gedmatch kit and sources

    If you could tell me anything about my friends ancient ancestry we would appriciate it a lot
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    K12b Dodecad K12b Pontic greeks (52 samples) with Gedmatch kit and sources

    This is my friends of you want it GreekPontus,11.73,0,2.1,0.35,16.81,8.32,2.79,0.36,9.31,0,48.22,0 He seems to have a little diffrent results then the others, or what do you guys say
  18. MandM

    MyHeritageDNA Share your MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimates

    Could someone help me with my results, i got a huge cunk of Eastern European but i dont have any EE ancestery at all on my fathers side and i know we dont have any at my mothers side at least 100-120 years back, so were does it come from? East European 35.2% Balkan 32.5%...