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  1. BillMC

    Question African R1b

    According to one of the narratives on Eupedia's R1b page: 'R1b-V88 migrated south towards the Levant and Egypt. The migration of R1b people can be followed archeologically through the presence of domesticated cattle, which appear in central Syria around 8,000-7,500 BCE (late Mureybet period)...
  2. BillMC

    Question African R1b

    Sometime during the Neolithic age R1b-V88 migrated south towards the Levant and Egypt and onwards to central Africa. Sub Saharan Africans are often referred to as being black, yet they will have varying degrees of pigmentation. Considering the fact that R1b Africans have white ancesters from...
  3. BillMC

    What does this specific Haplogroup say about my ancestry?

    R1b-L21 is the most commonly found YDNA marker in the British Isles. It has its highest concentration in Ireland and western Scotland. It is even more common among the English than the western part of the Continent. Usually referred to as the Celto-Atlantic genome. It came into the British Isles...
  4. BillMC

    R-L21 fixed in the Isles since EBA

    The actual or original Bell Beaker Folk were Neolithic people living in northern Spain. Their culture was adopted by the R1b-L21 people when they moved into western Europe.
  5. BillMC

    Your physical idea of what Yamnayans look-like.

    Yes, the original Yamnaya were cerainly much darker until they inherited the genomes for lighter skin and hair colouring from another group of people living in the land locked central Asian region. I can't remember who these people were, but according to articles and documentaries that I came...
  6. BillMC

    Atlantean connection to RH Negative blood; Red hair, Celts and R1b?

    LOL you forgot to mention the bit about RH Negative blood coming from Aliens.
  7. BillMC

    Holy Crap, Anthrogenica is closing

    I've just noticed that Reddit has made some attempt to bring it back on their site:
  8. BillMC

    Irritating Window on Eupedia's Pages

    The following irritating window has started to appear on Eupedia's pages. I can navigating round it by using the back button. Nevertheless it is difficult for introducing new comers to this site when your pages are like this.
  9. BillMC

    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    I feel sorry for the Canadian people, due to them having a fascist president such as Trudeau.
  10. BillMC

    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    People seem to forget that the human body has its built in mechanism for dealing with viruses - the immune system. IMO too much reliance on vaccinations is like a body builder or athlete depending on steriods. i.e. not good for you.
  11. BillMC

    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    Neither did I and I've never caught anything. Nevertheless, ever since the pandemic started I've been washing my hands more often, especially when I come back in the house or before I eat anything and I have not even caught a dose of flu or the common cold.
  12. BillMC

    Politics "WOKE" America

    Wokeness is Cultural Marxism or Neo Marxism. It was all based on the ideas of Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt school.
  13. BillMC

    Intelligence What characterises people with high IQ's ?

    LOL are you sure about that? I other threads it has been claimed that the EEF were responsible for introducing light skin and blonde hair into Europe. My favorite metal bands used to be English such as Black Sabbath, but in recent years there are two Swedish metal bands that are my favorites...
  14. BillMC

    News Gene linked to cannabis use disorder also linked to nicotine addiction

    Maybe smoking cannabis is more addictive than eating it or making a beverage from it - such as grass tea. Of course these other two methods of consumption will be far more healthier. Unfortunately most users will smoke it in order to get an instant 'hit'.
  15. BillMC

    LivingDNA Small Percentages - A "real" ancestor, or not? (Chuvashia)

    All the tests I've done give me the result of 100% European or 100% British Isles. My Ancestry originally had me as 85% British Isles. The other 15% was Western European stretching from NE France to Denmark. The revised Ancestry results now have me at 100% British Isles. After making a few...
  16. BillMC

    Intelligence What characterises people with high IQ's ?

    That is due to their vanity and narcissism. They only kid themselves and others on that they are exceptional.
  17. BillMC

    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Scotland and Greece Despite the fact that the two coutries are poles apart. i.e if we imagine a NW and SE axis between Europe's geographical extremes. The following YouTube shows the remarkable things the two nations having common. e.g. early Scottish kings had Greek names such as Alexander or...
  18. BillMC

    Intelligence What characterises people with high IQ's ?

    I've done a few IQ tests. My scores have varied between 109 and 142. The lowest score was on a televised test and the highest one was an on-line test. I did the supervised MENSA test and scored 135 - this was done in response to a MENSA trial test in a magazine that recommend doing the...
  19. BillMC

    Intelligence What characterises people with high IQ's ?

    LOL that reminded me of something I read in a book about WWII. According to the book, many Germans had the impression that the English were all blonde Anglo-Saxons, but got a culture sock when they first encountered the English. They found most of them to be short, dark guys who whistled a lot.
  20. BillMC

    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Liverpool, Glasgow and maybe Manchester could have been added to the list. They all have significantly large numbers of people with Irish ancestry.