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    Origin of mtDNA Haplogroup V in Cantabria, Northern Spain?

    I recent red a paper on the possibility of Cantabria, Northern Spain being the birthplace of mtDNA haplogroup V around the LGM. If this is the case it makes sense to say that the paintings of many Cantabria Caves (e.g. Altamira, El Castillo, etc) were the main work of haplogroup V and probably...
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    J1 vs. J1c3 vs. J1c3d in Europe?

    I have a few questions. Can you be J1 (DYS 388=16) without being J1c3 or J1c3d? I did a deep clade test and my confirmed haplogroup was J1. With DYS388=16 shouldn't I be J1c3? Also I am from Northern Portugal and don't know how J1 got there. Could that happened during the Neolithic? I have...