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    Zwarte Piet, Haji Firuz (Huginn Petrus) & Karši-Ptar (black-winged)

    Do you like to play video games? With the added complexity, fall guys is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. Compete against the other players. To win, you must compete in congested areas and navigate difficult chapters.
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    Comparing Scottish and Welsh culture

    Get ready for dordle, a new version of Wordle with fun puzzles and changes that make it easier to use. For a player to win, they must first guess the new word and then choose the best answer. Each round, players can only make seven wrong guesses, so try to finish the puzzle as quickly as you...
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    Top favorite museums and galleries you have visited

    Redactle is a game where you guess the words that are missing from a Wikipedia page. The only things given are prepositions, articles, and commas. Your main goal is to find out what it is about.
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    Health Maps of alcohol consumption per capita in Europe

    I thoroughly loved reading your essay and eagerly forward your future writings. If you have some free time, I found a fun game called "poppy playtime" that you can play with me.