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    Tectonic plates and Earth's future

    That's very interesting. It's frightening to think of what the planet's future might be. We all most likely will not be here to witness much change but it still is jarring.
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    Future of Earth's Fresh Water

    What is your opinion of this ad? The potential future of earth's natural resources (more specifically, water). Is this our future? What can we do now or is there anything we can do now to stop this?
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    Life on other planets?

    Has anybody considered the possibility of human's depleting the natural resources on Earth and having the inhabit another planet? Such as water. What is your opinion of this ad?
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    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    Might as well make alcohol illegal then. Since it impairs you way more while driving at least.
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    I'm not sure if you would die, but I believe you need to express yourself or you'd have a mental breakdown. I'm not sure if that necessarily means having hate or anger though. If you can live a zen life without feeling hate or anger then you must be some holy monk or something. Express yourself...
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    Happy 2015!

    It's going to be a great year! (late)
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    Are you a 'Cultured Women' ?

    That was so interesting to read. :) I learning about bits from the past. Also, no I don't think id be considered a cultured woman.
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    Are you vegetarian ?

    I am a vegan and have been for 8 years. I've never had any health problems and in fact feel extremely healthy and have never been overweight.
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    Why are there reservation lands for native people in America and Canada?

    I heard that they do not wish to mix with the rest of canadians or american's because they want to keep their culture rich and pure. So they choose to separate themselves with the support of the government in order to preserve their culture. You have to remember that American's essentially just...
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    The Gay Marriage Controversy

    People against gay marriages is just a temporary nonacceptance towards change. Eventually there will be gay marriages everywhere and people will look back on all of this with shock. It's just a matter of time. Nobody has the right to tell someone else how to love and nobody has the right to...
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    Hello! I just joined because the site seems to have a nice futurist section! :)
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    Hello from me!

    Hello! I just joined too!
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    What music are you listening to?

    Blackbird- The Beatles
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    My dog wants to kill you

    Cute haha.