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    rare R1b Subclades - V1636, PH155?

    R-PH155 founded in Tarim mummies, but they non related any PIE peole... but they was descendant of ANE. not steppe origin. PH155 was founded Central Asia?
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    rare R1b Subclades - V1636, PH155?

    Study says R-PH155 is related of Shirenzigou Excavation, Tocharian People.(they are now Uyghur. must be Turkicized or something?) I think V1636 is relate BMAC or Indo-Iranic. but there's not much study.
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    rare R1b Subclades - V1636, PH155?

    Hello, Eupedia R1b Friends! my two chinese muslim friends Y-DNA Haplogroup result is R1b-PH155 & R1b-V1636. all result in Y-Full, first id:YF078661(PH155), second id:YF062624(V1636). is there any know about this subclade? they all negative M269, That's all i know.
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    Another Notable People I1, Yegor Letov Yegor Fyodorovich Letov(Игорь Фёдорович Летов). Notable Soviet-Russian Punk Rock Musician. He was leader of Soviet-Russian famous punk band Grazhdanskaya Oborona.(Гражданская Оборона - Civil Devence) Determined Y-DNA Haplogroup...
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    it was my Y-DNA result. YouWho(South Korean Genetic Haplogroup Services ; just like 23andme & FamilytreeDNA, also China 23mofang) Y-STR and HVR service. and i surprised R is overwhelmingly rare in East Asian.(Korean R1b result was only one man matched Jeju Islander People) the admixture is 96%...
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    My Y result

    My STR 23 marker value here. DYS576 19 DYS389I 14 DYS448 21 DYS389II 32 DYS19 16 DYS391 11 DYS481 22 DYS549 12 DYS533 10 DYS438 11 DYS437 14 DYS570 17 DYS635 23 DYS390 25 DYS439 10 DYS392 11 DYS643 10 DYS393 13 DYS458 15 DYS385a 11 DYS385b 14 DYS456 17...