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  1. τέους

    Eurogenes G25 Modern & Ancient individual samples scaled, NEW

    Me too. We need to identify these ALP samples' specific location.
  2. τέους

    What did ancient Rome look like?

    I see there's a similar video from the same channel but depicting ancient Greece. Epic.
  3. τέους

    K12b aDNA (Dodecad K12b)

    Is dodecad k12b suitable for G25 sims?
  4. τέους

    Roman Baths and Public Buildings still in use today

    I hope I visit Pantheon in the near future :)
  5. τέους

    G25 G25: What are the components used to determine coordinates?

    I dont think its about components specifically for each "dimension" sorta speak
  6. τέους

    GEDMatch Do you match Native Americans on GEDmatch

    Do any of these happen to be 100% indigenous?
  7. τέους

    AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Update

    Interesting. Do you get matches from Benevento?