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  1. InfamousAngel99

    Ancestry Update

    Hey everyone! So, I noticed some Ancestry users got the latest update this morning (my mother and myself included). Post your previous results and your current results here! Original Results England, Wales & Northwestern Europe = 60% Ireland & Scotland = 17% Germanic Europe = 16% Norway = 5%...
  2. InfamousAngel99

    Family Origins

    Hello everyone! I was wondering where everyone on this site comes from? When I ask this question, I do not only mean your place of birth but the countries where your ancestors come from. I am from the U.S., and one branch of my family tree has been in what is now known as the U.S. since the...
  3. InfamousAngel99

    Personality Is your brain more Western or more Eastern? - part 2

    I don't believe in the reasoning, but I think it's interesting to see how the results are perceived. I chose A & C because if I had to put A next to either B or C, I'd rather it be with C than B. Wood looks better next to wood than a bright blue cylinder.
  4. InfamousAngel99


    My results between my Ancestry and 23andMe kits were different but only slightly. #4 and #5 were switched, and some of the closeness to each population is different. Everything else was the same: 1. Viking Icelandic + Frank (2.79, 3.341) 2. Gaul + Frank (3.169, 3.708) 3. Gaul (5.498, 5.284)...
  5. InfamousAngel99

    Guess My Ethnicity

    I always find posts such as these to be fascinating, so I decided to try it out for myself! What ethnicity do you guys perceive me to be?
  6. InfamousAngel99

    Guess the ethnicity

    Also, I would be interested in seeing what other people perceive me to be.
  7. InfamousAngel99

    Haplogroup U5b2c

    I haven't seen any threads for the haplogroup U5b2c, so I decided to post one (if there is one I missed it, and I apologize). If you have this haplogroup, what is the farthest back you've been able to go on that side of your family tree? The farthest I've been able to go is to my 5th...
  8. InfamousAngel99

    23andMe Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    I would have to take multiple screenshots due to the long list, so I'll just list them out here. These results are from the beta update. British & Irish: 33% French & German: 20.7% Scandinavian: 11.9% Broadly Northwestern European: 19.9% Eastern European: 8.2% Greek & Balkan: 1.4% Spanish &...