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    G25 G25: What are the components used to determine coordinates?

    We don't accuse soda companies of fraud for keeping their propietary formulas secret.
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    GEDMatch Gedmatch kit number

    Not too much time though lol, AncestryDNA sale ends in 4 days.
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    GEDMatch Gedmatch kit number

    Other companies will work too, like 23andMe. If you're more interested in GEDmatch admixture tools, and/or G25, and not so much in what AncestryDNA tells you, just go with the cheapest DNA testing company. Right now that does appear to be AncestryDNA, but only because of a sale going on.
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    G25 Post your G25 heatmap

    If you have G25 coordinates, you can use this program to generate your European heatmap. Here is one generated using a Romanian's coordinates: Thanks to Jerome Hamon for inspiring me to write this program after seeing their Taux de Similitude. And just for France, here is another one...
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    23andMe 23andMe Ancestry Composition Update

    My new results are slightly (by a handful of percentage points) more inline with what I expect my results should be. I also had 0.1% of trace ancestry moved to "Broadly European" apparently. Overall I think it's a tiny improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. Anyone else get better...
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    G25 Illustrative DNA vs Genoplot G25 coordinates

    Simulated G25 coordinates are slightly lower quality than real ones. On Vahaduo I get more nonsensical trace ethnicities with the simulated ones, but it's not a huge difference. I used "Eurogenes K36 to Global G25 Converter (horizontal version)"
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    G25 European heatmap G25

    Does anyone else get an "Invalid attachment" error, or is it just me?
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    G25 European heatmap G25

    Very nice!
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    G25 European heatmap G25

    I get an error when clicking on your attachment links:
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    G25 British Isles G25 Coords Request

    I am looking for any regional (e.g. county-level) G25 coordinates (scaled) for any country in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or Northern Ireland). I'm using it to update an automatic heatmap painter I'm developing, and will PM a link to anyone who helps me out. All I...
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    Vahaduo Where to find Vahaduo code/coordinates

    The 2 best sources I know of are Vahaduo's page (recently updated to include a G25 coordinates download section), and "G25 Ancient and Modern by Michalis Moriopoulos" (search Google). I was able to find lots of regions for Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Russia (west), Ukraine (some), Finland...
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    23andMe What is your X chromosome ethnically

    Same for me. 23andMe says my X-chromosome is 100% French & German.
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    G25 European heatmap G25

    I have an automatic heatmap painter for Italy that uses real (not simulated) G25 coordinates. Let me know if you're interested, but I can't post links just yet.
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    G25 Native North Americans in G25

    Where are the coordinates? I was hoping to calculate my distance to the different Native American groups.