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    Share Your IllustrativeDNA results Ancient and Modern

    I have Continental Celt (Etruria) in my results. I don't understand what they mean by Celts and Etruria being independent regions, can someone help me?
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    Hi, i have question.HV0 is included Haplogroup HV but HV0 migration routes same as V.HV0 is HV or V or both of them ?
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    New map of mtDNA haplogroups H1+H3

    My mtdna is H18.Does this map interests me ?
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    New map of mtDNA haplogroups H1+H3

    My mtdna is H18.Is map related to me ?
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    Poland, more Germanic or Slavic?

    Great question.I believe %55 Germanic %45 Slavic
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    Capitalism VS Communism

    Capitalism is best way Socialism is outworn
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    Who Will Become The Next Superpower?

    probably Israel
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    Who is the most attractive country in Europe?

    I guess France.
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    Politics What's your political compass result?

    I am Libertarian.My result is Libertarian.
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    Favourite international news channel ?

    BBC is the best.
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    Death Penalty

    Death penalty is nonsense
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    Has Islam "destroyed" Anatolia?

    Islam destroyed Anatolia.Every secular Turks accept this idea.
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    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    I support drugs legalization.
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    Top 10 Best Modern Militaries/Armed Forces

    Russian and British best militaries of all time
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    Etruscan and Germanic

    I disagree because Etruscan is probably Greco-Roman.
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    HV0 Haplogroup

    Hi, HV0 what does it mean ? Does HV0 have a connection to a place or region ?