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  1. samuelwilliams

    Planning my first trip to Prague

    I appreciate your help, @Wolf87. It would have been nice to explore the city with them. 😊 I have contacted Honest Guide and asked them if they offer private tours of Prague. Unfortunately, they said they don’t do that, and they only respond to business/media related e-mails. 😢
  2. samuelwilliams

    Planning my first trip to Prague

    Wow, thank you so much for your bar and beer recommendations, @Archetype0ne! 😍 I think both the "Dog bar" and "Bukowski" sound amazing, and I hope to visit them both, unless one of them is too crowded. I’m looking forward to trying the craft beers. 🍻 I’m glad @Wolf87 suggested the Honest Guide...
  3. samuelwilliams

    Planning my first trip to Prague

    I will definitely check out the nightclub Vzorkovna you recommended! I imagine it would be so nice to relax here at night after a busy day experiencing this beautiful city. 😍
  4. samuelwilliams

    Planning my first trip to Prague

    Thank you so much for the video recommendation! 🙏 The videos are a very good resource. I personally like the video "TikTok vs Reality", it was so much fun and informative at the same time! I still got a lot of videos to watch, but I love the ones I watched so far.
  5. samuelwilliams

    Planning my first trip to Prague

    Hi everyone! 😊 I'm starting to plan my first ever trip to Prague this summer, and I'm so excited! I've heard it's such a beautiful city with incredible architecture and history. I'm looking for advice from people who have been to Prague before. What were your favorite things to see and do...
  6. samuelwilliams

    Humanoid robots can now play sport better than humans

    I agree that robots 🤖 are getting better at tasks, sometimes even better than humans. But they are only as good as their programming and training, which is provided by humans. I welcome all these advancements in technology because I believe progress will be hindered if we don't embrace them.
  7. samuelwilliams

    Health Maps of alcohol consumption per capita in Europe

    I recently learned that the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. I always thought it was Germany. 🍻 But then the Czechs were the first to produce pale lager in 1842.
  8. samuelwilliams

    Kindle or paper books?

    For everyday reading, I prefer to use the Kindle app on my phone in dark mode. It's convenient and easy on the eyes. However, when I'm on vacation, I like to distance myself from my phone and read paper books. It also helps me relax and focus on the story. 😊
  9. samuelwilliams

    Do most people really need to go to college/university?

    In my opinion, it really depends on the individual's skills, goals and situation. While both of my parents were able to support our family without college degrees, things were different for them growing up. They worked multiple jobs and married young, but still managed to send all six of us kids...
  10. samuelwilliams

    Where and when were famous board games invented?

    I'm excited to see that three of my favorite board games, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Mastermind, are on the list. No surprise that Monopoly and Scrabble came from the USA, but I was surprised to learn that Mastermind was invented in Israel.
  11. samuelwilliams

    the best country to visit

    Italy, Spain, and France are all great places to visit, but the best country for you depends on what you're into. Don't limit yourself to these three, either. There are tons of other amazing places to see around the world. Do some research and find a destination that's perfect for you. You won't...
  12. samuelwilliams

    Whats the wildest assumption somebody made about your ethnic group??

    I also get that being a Filipino in a foreign land. We are a diverse people with a rich history and culture. Over time, as cultural awareness increases through positive interactions, such misconceptions may gradually fade.
  13. samuelwilliams

    What movie have you watched lately

    The last movie I watched was "The Nun II." I'm a big fan of the original, which is one of the few horror movies that genuinely scares me.
  14. samuelwilliams

    What types of Books do you read?

    I was an avid reader in my youth, and I still enjoy reading whenever I have time. My favorite genres are fantasy, comics, manga, magazines, crime, reference, and religion.
  15. samuelwilliams

    Amazing Discovery Reveals Why You Didn't Get Your Dad's Mitochondria

    Thanks for the fascinating article. I'm like most people in that I inherited traits from my mother. But the study doesn't explain the reason for rare cases where people look like they got their looks from both parents.