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  1. mrmshane

    How safe is Mexico for Travelling

    There seem to be stereotypes about Mexico, that's what I have found so far.
  2. mrmshane

    How safe is Mexico for Travelling

    I was going through different article as I am not getting any response here and came across this one Looks like near about 25 million American visit Mexico each year. I was wondering if safety concern is...
  3. mrmshane

    How safe is Mexico for Travelling

    Hi everyone, I am planning to visit Mexico with my family soon, but I am worried about the safety situation there. I checked the state travel advisory, and it says that almost all places in...
  4. mrmshane

    Why Portuguese Food is Hiding Everywhere

    Colonialism kinda helped to spread cuisine though throughout the globe
  5. mrmshane

    How can IE migration be explained without mentioning Seima Turbino?

    Isn't it something called nataraja, A dance posture of Indian God Shiva?
  6. mrmshane

    Recommendations-Netflix, Amazon, MHZ

    I would suggest Glass Onion, bad Genius, Uncut gems, The old guard, Birdbox
  7. mrmshane

    Population Facts of Italian-Americans

    Dang Population is declining a lot o_O
  8. mrmshane

    Comparing Ancient Greek populations to modern Greeks and Italians

    Dang, Deep stuff discussion is going on here
  9. mrmshane

    PreHistoric Movies

    This Alpha movie looks good, Gotta watch it.
  10. mrmshane

    Has 'Lord of the Rings' been influenced by Wagner and Germanic paganism ?

    Your idea that the Nibelungs are linked to the Burgundians is correct, as both names refer to the same people in different languages.
  11. mrmshane

    Society 3 out of 4 Americans are now overweight, including nearly 1 in 2 obese

    Yeah, I see fat people almost everywhere, but to think it's up to 75%! Damn That's a pretty big figure
  12. mrmshane

    living in Europe

    It's kinda hard to answer, Still if I need to pick one I'd say Switzerland